Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


He was playing senior straight out of minor, so he has been there for ages.


SO anyone hear anything about, I dunno, a manager n stuff. SHC will be over soon.


The candidates are at the games. That’s all that matters really. No rush. Could be stuff behind the scenes that may be holding things up.


You are right, just getting impatient for news. really important next step now. Hoping there’s not a crazy wildcard.


Scored 1.12 for faughs in senior b at the weekend…no idea what his situation is a long shot to come back probably.


Jaysus some scoring, assume a hat full of those were frees? He’s just a natural kind of talent, dare I say wristy? If he got the old mojo back he’d have a lot to offer.


Can win his own ball too…which is the first thing you have to be able to do as a potential county man.


Jesus, 1-12 - he can’t be too far away if he can do that…


Could’ve been 1-11 from frees :confounded::joy:


Even that would do, we are not over burdened with guys who get that from frees either!

But if he is half fit, and he must be if he is playing senior B, he cant be a million miles away (if he is interested). He is a fabulous talent.


Doesn’t he work for AIG too? Perhaps they could double the sponsorship :scream::scream:


TJ Reid scored 12 pts against us this year 9 frees 2 65s…


Davy Fitz staying with Wexford.


After the squad drove to Clare and begged him to stay. Such a fcuking drama queen. :roll_eyes:


Thank god for that. I can relax a bit so.


That’s a long trek for a glass of miwadi and a biscuit


Did he not sign for 3yrs


Let him off. Apparently not all the panel travelled. Quite a few are fed up of him. The usual. Good year one. Mediocre year two then it all falls apart.


Or appoint a football man and he fooks off after a season :kissing_heart::heart_eyes:


Gilroy did not get the team relegated. And their championship was not mediocre.

You’re some lad to talk about others sneering. If nothing else Gilroy wasn’t earning huge expenses for his mediocrity.