Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Interesting post. Devil’s advocate time again. We had to play Rushe in FF last year. We needed Conal at 36 years of age or we were in danger of going down to Joe McDonagh. We went through countless forwards such as Winters, Hayes, McGibb, Whitely, Burke, young Crummy etc. All good players and prospects without doubt. Also Ryan O’Dwyer was one of our first subs on in the forwards in most games! Crying out for a Schutte type player. You’re telling me you wouldn’t have him? Seriously?

Players can be coached. He was too young himself under Daly I would argue. Followed by 3 years (well 2 anyway) of going further than backwards under Cunningham, when every decent forward (amongst others) we had ended up walking. Schutte would walk back in to our squad and if he’s hurling well enough he’d be on the team soon enough.


I wonder will we get any indications re new manager tomorrow? There is a promotion thing taking place in Croke Park for the Fenway Classic in Boston! It’s sponsored by AIG. Therefore Dublin would be expected to be part of it. Perhaps there will be questions put to DCB representatives present. I know the event has little or nothing to do with the real hurling business that lies ahead in 2019. But it’s a profile event nonetheless and we will need somebody in place for this! At worst the DCB will probably say something along the line of hope to have man in place in next 3 or 4 weeks!


Dublin not taking part this year.


A bit harsh, but mainly correct. He just isn’t using his size well enough. He has great skill for a man his size, but a guy of that size shouldn’t be depending on just skill. Still, for at least one year with Dublin he was very good, so he could get back there again.


I think Hayes and Crummy are very near, they have the size to handle it. I am not sure about Currie as he isn’t the biggest.

I would be surprised if one of Hayes or Crummy aren’t regulars by the end of next year.


That’s that plan out the window so!


The ‘had to’ play Rushe at full forward is interesting though, I am not sure where else he would go. Maybe the half back line with Moran as a sweeper, but the three current half backs are rated one of the best half back lines in the country.

Rushe was never actually tried anywhere outside the full forward line last year. Gilroy had his colours nailed to the mast early on that.

For me, I am not too sure if it worked or not. It surely did against Kilkenny, but I am not sure about any other game. But he got very little chance to play into the role, he only started three games all year I think.


Ive seem Sean Tracey a few times this year and I think he is very good. Great first touch, carries the ball well, and plays great ball into the full forward line and midfield last year was an area where I thought we struggled a bit. Getting him Cronin and Mark Schutte back would be great. All well fit for the physical game and all quick too


Good point, he’s a very tidy player, clever to. Can take a score as well.


He sure can…good striker of a ball. Not sure why he didnt play last year. Unlike some of te young lads mentioned hed fit in straight away without taking too many games to get used to the physicality.


Had great season with 21’s when they reached AI semis.


Was second highest scorer i think behind Bennett. not much behind either.


That team is very under utilized to date in my opinion. Injuries to the key players like McBride, Boland and Conroy didn’t help, but they are on the way back now.


I’d forgotten about conroy, would like to see him get another shot - should be much more able for it now.


He was fairly able for it before too I think, just injury took him out of it. I don’t think they know if he is a back or forward though, and that hinders progression. He was one of the best of this years 21s though, so he is going well.

We have the capability to field a very tall team, Crummy (x2), Barrett, Conroy and Rushe. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but they are all well over 6ft and then we have a few at ‘just’ 6’1”/ 6’2”.


What age is Rushe now?


Would like to see Bennett back in the fold, think he’s a lot to offer.


Some talent, it would be brilliant if he was to give it a shot. not sure it’s his priority now though.




I thought he was still under 30 alright. Just seems like he has been around forever.