Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Wicklow are shite in both codes :slight_smile:


Completely true. We are at a unique disadvantage to be fair. We will never produce as many hurlers of top top quality as other counties as a result. Realistically no other hurling counties players are giving any time to football when they are younger. We are giving half our time to football and then loosing the cream of the cream after minor. County board need to tell lads they can only play one at county level from u15.


Defense begining to look very solid. Although when you look at Galway limerick tipp etc their half backs score every game so the standard and the bar is increasing. Midfield has potential i didnt see the Galway game but mcbride seems to have upped his performance in it so if he can continue to do that consistently then that can only be good. Upfront there is a few lads to come back from injury and hopefully one or 2 young lads to step up. Im positive that we can go well. No reason why we cant get to a leinster final…nothing to fear from kilkenny or wexford


Certainly need a go to forward. Not too sure you could claim we have that unless wling to move Danny inside and play him right? Dont think were lacking too much after that. Another ball winni g balf fwd maybe especially with Keaney a year older.

2019 be some season…

Limerick champions young and will want more Galway wont bd gone away. Cork and Clare will build on this year. Waterford and Tipp wont be as bad again. Kilkenny surprised some this season expect them in the mix big time. Wexford 1 more craic under Fitz.

Be some championship


With the way Cuala are going at the moment, Mattie could be free to go a lot earlier than anyone expects?


Danny started in the full forward line in the Galway game in the championship, but had to move out very quickly to start getting on ball. Although that was without Keaney or Rushe on the field.

I can see a half forward line of Sutcliffe, Keaney and Crummy (Paul) this year, and I think that would be good. Assuming Paul Crummy develops like I think he will. If that is the half forward line, then Dillon is on the inside line along with probably Burke and probably Rushe. Although Hayes might push if he develops, as would Currey.

Rushe though is a complete enigma, he was unplayable in the Kilkenny game - but less so in other games. I know he did very little hurling last year, so that would have impacted him also. But there has to be more in him, I keep thinking there is just a key that needs to be turned to get him more mobile up there. Once he gets up a head of steam he is brilliant, but if he has to deviate his path, he will be beaten. Also, I don’t think he won one high ball in any game at full forward. This from a guy who eats high balls for breakfast at centre back. If someone could put serious work into him on mobility and how to move his feet it could pay big dividends. Even when he jogs on the field he is always back on his heels for instance, if he was more on the front foot so to speak, he would be able to react and turn better.

But… that could be entirely wrong. People might develop over the intervening time at different rates. It will be nearly seven months between the last county game and the next one. I was surprised too how much Treacy contributed when he came on last year.

My one fear for the whole thing is that we would lose Sutcliffe to injury. The guy is insanely brave and I am always amazed he finishes any game let alone a season. But his injury record is good, so it will probably be ok.


If everyone is fit and we do t have a Leinster winning club team, i’d Like to see this team get a run at some stage towards the end of the league, mix of established, new and returning players, not saying it’s our strongest team, rushe & paul Ryan were very good this year

-------- Nolan
Schutte - O’Callaghan - O’Donnell
Barrett - Moran - Crummy
— McBride - O’Connell -
Keaney - Tracey - Sutcliffe
Dillon - Burke - s.Currie

Obvious omissions who will get loads of league time but are known quantities at this stage:

Paul Ryan - will probably start come championship but has nothing to prove in the league.

Rushe - will get lots of league time and will probably start come championship.

If Cronin comes back at some stage would also like to see something like this

-------- Nolan
Schutte - O’Callaghan - O’Donnell
Barrett - Moran - Crummy
— McBride - O’Connell -
Keaney - Cronin - Sutcliffe
Dillon - Rushe - Ryan/Burke/Tracy

All of the following to get another chance to impress as well:

Hayes - promising first year but faded out of games, needs more time

Currie - good player, will find it hard to bypass winters.

Smyth - had a good year this year, will get game time

Boland - great to see him back, stand in for Keaney.

Conroy - potential ball winning half forward, has a nice touch for a big’un

Whitley - has had s good year, just needs to develop a bit of consistency, will get game time 2019

Winters - had a good season, can make an impact from bench, could be in instead of Currie

Malone - up and down the field play can stand in for either of midfielders

Durkin - could start midfield, form with boden will be important

Sean Tracy - good & clever player, not sure if he’ll be on panel

Lots if others who did well at times this year, Moore, Connolly, Crummy - all could expect another chance next year.

Will be interesting to see if anyone else stands out in the shc, need some of this years panel to really step it up next year.


I’m sure S&C will be a big focus over the winter which is no harm. Few lads were having trouble in the physical element last year - Conal was a great example of someone who combined the right level of hurling and physicality. If we had another 10 like Conal we’d bulldoze most teams.


Very true. Will be interested to hear how he plays tonight and if he is going again next year.


He didn’t!!


Heard a story (make of it what you will!) that he will require surgery on the injured shoulder from the Kilkenny game and that he would be getting it after the club championship.
Suppose time will tell on that now!


I see we have Galway away in the league (provisional fixtures). That’s a pity, we probably need to win all the games to get promotion (if that’s our aim) and they are the hardest game. We have Waterford at home, but we actually have an ok record away against them.


I’s Be looking for performance rather than promotion.


Wouldn’t be too worried about promotion. You can win an Leinster and an AI from 1B as well.


Yeah given the knock nature of provincial ( bottom two gone in June) I wonder will a lot of counties experiment.


Is the Walsh cup still a thing?


It was this year. So would imagine its good to go again in 2019.


yea, also gone league format like the o’byrne


I think Smyth is a starter for now, he might lose his place, but someone will have to take it from him by doing better. I see him nominated for a place on the U21 team of the year thing too.

I think Cian Boland will be important too. He is absolute quality, but just lost a lot of game time with injury. But it showed how they valued him when they put him in as soon as he was right.

Paul Crummy I think has what it takes also. He seems to be nearly as big as the brother too (hard to keep them two boys fed I would imagine for mammy Crummy!). But he is more of an outside bet then the two above. So I would differ from your team as follows

-------- Nolan
Smith - O’Callaghan - O’Donnell
Barrett - Moran - Crummy
— McBride - Boland -
Crummy / Conroy - Keaney - Sutcliffe
Dillon - Rushe / Winters - Ryan/Burke

I really am not sure how Cronin would cope at this level, he could be brilliant or he might not. So I left him out. I put in Paul Crummy because we need something else in the forwards and he is the one I see that can bring it (but maybe its too early). Likewise I am not sure about Burke, he has all the skill in the world - but I am not sure if he has the power / pace to get on enough ball. And also the enigma that is Rushe continues - if he is the player that played against KK, he is the most important on the field. But for the rest of the games it didn’t really work out for him.

In my team above I am also putting in Boland for O Connell which is a bit harsh, but based more on belief of what I think Boland can be rather then what he has shown as a senior (he has played very little).

A bonus I am hoping for is either Currie or Conroy to really step up. Likewise Hayes did well last year and is still very young. Whitely did nothing wrong at all, but I think his lack of the finer touches will let him down a bit, but he won’t be too far away. But we need pace badly in the forwards, so maybe Currie would get in because of that.


If you saw some of those players mentioned today they won’t be in any Dublin team but I won’t personalise it