Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Fair enough, that’s your opinion.

I think mocking how chinese people speak english is distasteful. Up there with Paddy Irish man jokes, i was going to leave it but someone flagged it so i took it down. not a big deal. the email you got is automatically generated by the site when a post is removed.

Besides What if Jayo was reading the forum.


Hopefully via PM but I doubt it.


I don’t really see what is wrong with short term planning, we entered this years competitions to win them. Putting the best team we can out there is the object of the exercise.

If Keaney is among the best we can put out is a seperate arguement, we probably won’t know that until we see him in a few games.


Dublin are now like the Republic of Ireland in the Jack Charlton era recruiting all over the place although in fairness this fella can’t be any worse than Corcoran or O,Dwyer if they weren’t playing in 2013 against Cork we’d be All Ireland Champions I’m sure of it. Fair play to them for committing to Dublin but I never rated either that’s just my opinion and it’s a game of it. I think this changing allegiances is out of order unless your living in a different country and especially transferring to the AI Club Hurling Champions FFS. I can’t imagine putting on another county jersey other than a Sky Blue one but of course I’ll still follow them just had to get that rant of my chest.


I think he was shoving Bonnar with the right hand which contained a hurley. Dont think it could be described as ‘swinging the hurley to cause harm’. I think the fairest description would ‘careless/reckless use of the hurley’. …which in itself (I acknowledge) often leads to a sanction. But not sending Tommy off in the circumstances is not a stain on Gavins reffing career IMO.
The person who came out worst of the incident is Eoin ‘tommy did it’ Kelly




Id say hes lurking no doubt. Spent alot of time on this site to just vanish. Was on here more than the mods most times.

Wouldnt be surprised if hes here under a different alias, possibly a Vinnies one now :slight_smile:


Would anyone else subscribe to my opinion that Crummey and O’Donnell are the two best hurlers in the county right now ?


Very close to it. Con being the best I’d say though! Of the current panel though I’d have to agree with you.


I’d have Paul Schutte and Sean Moran up there with them. Colm Cronin is hugely effective for Cuala as well, really hope he will get involved with Dublin this year when they’re finished up.


I am glad you mentioned Crummy. O Donnell gets a lot of praise (rightly), but Crummy is seriously good and doesn’t get mentioned enough.

With Crummy, O Donnell, Rushe, Sutcliffe and Dillion we have 5 lads who are top top class inter county hurlers. If we get another 4 or 5 to step forward this year, we could be in a good place.

However, unless we bring physicality, all our good hurling would be pointless. Backs can’t win ball, brush past our forwards and clear at their ease. Keaney was mentioned above, but if he did nothing else then stand up a back coming out, it would be enough (well it wouldn’t, but I exaggerate to make a point). But Sutcliffe is a great tackler too, likewise Dillon.


As far as implementing the rules properly I’d argue that none of them are any good.


Fahy was pulling on the ball. Walshe wasn’t.


It was much discussed before, but in my opinion, Con wouldn’t be. If Sutcliffe is even 75% as good as he was he would be our stand out, but I think others would be better then Con. I think he does a very specific job for Cuala and he does it brilliantly, and yes, he would walk onto the county team. But I could see him having quiet days at county level too. As a minor I wouldn’t have had him the best on the team, he was close, but McBride, Barrett and Conroy were equally as important.


Well they were best two that played for Dublin last season anyway.


Crummey is also a leader, constantly talking, encouraging etc, better at 6 than 7 for club too.


I’m to nice to be bart @beeko.


I was asking if you’d have Bart in the (ressers analysis) squad… not if YOU were Bart!!!


Much discussed yes, and I won’t get too involved! I just think with a small amount of Inter County exposure he’d be phenomenal.

Hope you’re right r.e Danny. Had his worst season with us the year before he departed. Maybe his head wasn’t in it. I hope I’m wrong but I fear the days of him skinning the likes of a Tommy Walsh are a long way off. The Judes lads on here wont agree with me on that!


I defy anybody to disagree with that reply! 100% agree with that. This is exactly why there are only about a dozen top level (not quality) referees in the country at present! There is just no way of pleasing any of us! :grinning: