Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


:grin: Have you ever seen him play.


Midly hysterical comment for a few reasons, I’ll address one:

TW’s belt wasn’t intentional so its understandable that he was left on the pitch.
Do you remember when Donnacha Fahy broke a refs ankle by pulling at a throw in? That wasn’t intentional either and DF didn’t get sent off either.


Good post! When I was picking that team I was thinking height down spine of team or maybe more to the point solid players! Would agree with your point about O Donnell at full back. Rushe Kelly Cronin Keaney is a solid spine IMO. With regards goalkeepers I would be happy with either Nolan or Maguire!


Haven’t lived in Dublin in 10 years. He has a lot of hype to live up to! :yum:


You’re excused Tayto :grin:
You’re also a gentleman.


Am I the only person who doesn’t see the merits in Keaney being drafted back in? Seems like incredibly short term planning if so, and I genuinely don’t see him impacting a game at intercounty level anymore.

For me he was excellent while he was there but his time has passed in my eyes


The two incidents are like chalk and cheese to be fair. Tommy was swinging his hurl to cause harm (over the heads of players when he connected with Gavin!!). Was it intentional to hit Gavin (who knows!!) or an opponent!!


Just out of interest Alan. Who do you think is best ref out there at inter county level? And please don’t say Barry Kelly! :grinning: Barry far to fussy for me. He spoils the game for me!


Wasn’t intentional in that he was aiming for a tipp player and missed? He also “accidentally” put Gavin on his arse when he tried to get between Tommy and a Cork player



Would have to agree with you. Was a fantastic player in his prime but time eventually catches up on everyone and Conal is no exception. Saw him in a club game in OToole Park in October and he hadn’t a huge impact on the game. Would really love to be proved wrong but you generally can’t wind back the clock!


He loved Kilkenny and let them away with murder. Full stop. (P.S. apologies in advance Tayto. This comment is not meant to be racist or anti-feline. Please don’t empty your pram and get it pulled down, like you did with my post yesterday.)


No idea. But I know he would be aghast at your optimistic outlook, especially about our forwards !


I hear ya.

We know from Gilroy’s time managing the footballers that he doesn’t leave any stone unturned in the search so this season will see lots of players given the opportunity. My guess is Keaney won’t see real game time, especially once the Cuala contingent are free to get involved, but he will be good as an experienced head. I don’t know the guy at all but he appears as if he’d be a good head to have in the dressing room to help build morale & help get everyone pulling in the one direction. Amid all the young talent, lads who know the senior IC scene well will have their place.


He hasn’t aged well for a 40 year old .


I didn’t empty my pram, your post yesterday was reported for being borderline racist and i happened to agree with the flag. not a big deal but if you want to make an issue out of it work away.


Where ever he is, I hope Bart comes back, and as Bart- not as someone else! He has wide knowledge of Dublin GAA and while he wasn’t for turning, the site is poorer for his absence. (When he comes back, we’ll be arguing away!!)


Borderline your bo11ocks. Not even close.


Don’t agree at all. Constantly lowered the tone of the debate by hijacking every thread by the huge volume of his posts and just made the same point over and over again.


I think it’s just to have him around the squad more then anything and next year he will be on the management team.