Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Mcbride and Dillion 100 per cent in starting 15 for me. Paul Ryan also ahead of alot of those. Cant see Keaney in a starting role but would happily be wrong. All of this opinion based of course. I just hope that the younger players that committed last year when the game was in the shit are not forgotten and are given ample opportunity which with the training schedule I’m sure they will. Will also be interested to see whether those not in 24 will be allowed play with clubs in League unlike other years.


That’s a huge pity on the Quinn’s. They are two very good players and tough as nails.


With the players back and listed we are far from as bad or under developed as people would have you think. Most of not all those players have won underage Leinster titles and some senior also.


where’s Bart when you need him


Dont agree with this .


On a genuine note where is Ranger?


I think it’s a poor path to go down unless the person is genuinely now living in the area for the long term, not a player who struggled to make their own county and got the hump.


Has he played a game for Cuala yet or has he made the county side first?


Not great for the club scene at all . Of all the teams he could go to he goes to the best team in Ireland and makes them even stronger


Quick as well which is something we need and would be my concern if we draft in too many of the old guard.

If Mark Schutte came back we’re really starting to have options. Ger Doderil on the panel also, sorting out long standing injury, heard an awful lot of good things about him over the years.


What about the lads that are busting a gut now in training the last 2 months think there is only 7 players mentioned in that panel above that are currently playing, the lads that are not there right now will not just walk straight back into the team they have a huge fight on there hands to get there positions back.


If they continue to do well then they’ll have a shout for sure. the standard is about to jump up a notch at the weekend, lets see how they fare. Ideally the ones who stand out now get a chance in the league, like scully in the football last year.


Is there still a friendly against Waterford tomorrow at 2.30 in WIT… I’m down that way and would go see it if someone can confirm it’s on.


I agree with that! But my post did say if all were back fit and clear of injuries! As someone else pointed out above we are not in such a bad place really! It’s a nice headache for Gilroy to have at the start of May. I thought I forgot 1 or 2 in that panel. Turns out I forgot 5 or 6. What it might all boil down to is if ANY member of the 40 players that make the cut are happy that they are part of the squad and every session put in the graft in A v B games etc. It’s a system that works very well with our footballers!


Is this the same lad who was dropped from the Limerick squad for commitment issues? If there is one person who is not interested in an uncommitted player it will be Gilroy. Probably wont even get a game for Cuala


I know nothing about this lad from Limerick and even less about his commitment issues with them. But there is a hugh difference between not being able to commit because he is perhaps living in Dublin and that might cause difficulties traveling up and down a few nights a week and a guy who couldn’t be arsed putting in the graft! So let’s just wait and see!


I wish him the best also, any guy who is a ref deserves a lot of respect, I couldn’t do the job to save my life.

But… I don’t like that phrase, ‘letting the game flow’. How does a ref actually do that? The only way I can see him impacting the flow of the game is by seeing fouls and not awarding them. If the refs are going to be given powers to ignore rule infractions because they don’t want to be holding up the game, there is no great point having rules.

Actually, I have long made the point that it is refs who try to let the game flow that cause the most disruption long term. If players think they can get away with stuff, they will push it to the limit and cause foul after foul. It also takes away the responsibility from the player for fouling, he just has to claim it wasn’t really a foul and most refs wouldn’t have given it etc. The rules for most things are very clear and it is very obvious what is a foul and what isn’t (especially in hurling, less so in football). If there are 100 frees in a game, it is most likely because the players fouled 100 times and that is their responsibility, not the refs.

(apologies Bluedub - I hijacked your post for a mini rant!)


Let Tommy Walsh hit him in the face with hurl so hard he drew blood and left him on the pitch.

Let the game flow my arse.


Modern intercounty training schedules have got so time demanding that if a fella is doing a night course (to further their career) they wont be able to make training aka “make the commitment”, that does not mean they are not a committed/lazy player. Not everyone is willing or able to get to the northside before and after work, again it is no reflection on them.

if a guy is living in Dublin making training with limerick take a level of commitment which i wouldn’t expect from anyone. Just driving up and down a couple of times a week is a huge commitment, let alone training when you get there.


Very interesting team… I would differ on a few points though (but that is the point of the exercise really :grinning: )

I would have O Donnell full back ahead of O Callaghan. O Callaghan is a sticky marker and very brave, but he is a bit too awkward looking on the ball for full back imo. Other then that I would agree on everyone else in the backs and midfield. I might try to find a place for Barrett in there though somewhere.

In the forwards, I would swap Dillon for Winters (having said that, I haven’t seen a whole heap of Winters). For the full forward line, I wouldn’t be too sure of the three, but I wouldn’t be too sure of the alternatives either…

I always thought Moore was good, but i am not sure he is good enough to start. He isn’t great under a high ball and I just am not sure he is athletic enough. I am very open to being wrong on that though. On Keaney, I would pick him everytime and would do until he is 45 to be honest, but we will see how it goes, I suspect he won’t be a starter. Burke for me is a bit of an enigma - to be totally honest I saw very little last year to show why he was starting every game. I saw loads to show he will be a star of the future, he did brilliantly for a lad just out of minor, but it was for a lad just out of minor. I am not sure if this year won’t be still too early for him. When he is ready, I would see him further out the field too, probably as a wing forward.

On who I would put in - we need a free taker, so probably either Ryan or Treacy need to be there. I always thought Ryan was underrated as a player, so I would have him in the corner. I don’t know the status of Conroy or Boland, but if either or both of them are right, they would be near. I would love to see Barrett (Na Fianna) involved also.