Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


He wasn’t in my opinion, he finished himself but he was well worth his place on the team two years ago.

I think also, there is no one ‘direction’ in relation to age. Yes, it seems Keaney will be there, but also the likes of Whitely, Burke etc. will also be there. The managements job is to get the best players on the team, they can tinker with bringing in younger guys etc. the panel is plenty big enough to allow for it. But the primary goal is to get the best 15 on the field. I would assume if Keaney proves in training games / other games that he is in the best 15 he will play, if he doesn’t he won’t.


Cuala wasting no time - i thought it was Crokes who were going to make the marquee signings in the off season


Great to see an optimistic post! I would add Conroy to that list also, he was a three year minor, it is very rare for one of those not to come through at senior. I would think too that if Cian Boland gets injury free he should become more then a fringe player.

I would be very interested to see Kelly as a forward also. For all the doom and gloom about him on here before Christmas, I would be surprised now if he wasn’t there or thereabouts come summer time.




Who have they signed ?


Heard a Limerick county player .

Got sent this



Here’s the link for intercounty transfers!



Not sure where to post this: I see Brian Gavin has retired from Inter County refereeing. He has been the man in the middle for 4 All Ireland finals. Brian was far from the worst ref over last 15 years. Always tried to let a game flow and accepted that hurling is a physical game. I wish him well in his retirement!


He must have had some poxy milk round as a young fella cause I can’t believe he’s only 40.


Probably the first ref to invoke the ‘rules are there are no rules’ principle …


One thing we can’t blame him for is being over fussy That type of referee ruins games. And they are two a penny!


Absolutely delighted that Keaney is back! Thrilled. Tony Browne played intercounty at 40. If Conal can contribute in any way, it will be a big help.


In light of what we are hearing about Keaney back on board and assuming all Cuala lads apart from Con and Mark are available. Plus all those receiving treatment for injuries are back fit! This would be my choice of a starting 15 for championship:

2.O Donnell
3.O Callaghan
4.P Schutte
6. Rushe
7. Moran
8 O Connell
9.P Kelly
!0. Danny
11. Cronin
12. Winters
13. Moore
15. Burke
D Tracey

I’m sure I have forgotten one or two!


Lots of options but Dillon has been our form forward the last 2 years, so needs to start for me.

Cian O’Sullivan will have a say. Conroy, McBride, Hendricken and O’Carroll as well.

More depth then i ever remember before which should allow management the luxury of picking form players.


I wonder is the deep looking panel we have the main reason we are ahead of Wexford with the bookies for the Leinster Championship. Considering the new format too.


Dillon has to start as was said. O’Callaghan definitely full back. O’Donnell is okay there but was found out a bit, especially when turned. Moran should be given a go at centre-back and Rushe tried at midfield again where he won Young Hurler of the Year and had his breakthrough season.


Ben & Alex Quinn, Niall McMorrow and Fergal Whitely would all surely make the 22 match day panel ?


Yes, mcmorrow as well. The Quinn’s are off the panel currently, unfortunately.


Are the Quinn’s injured ?


Opted out. Couldn’t commit to the training schedule as far as I know. Which is a real shame.

Smyth, Mahon and Grey will all get a chance during the league i’d Imagine and could put themselves in the frame also.

Although with so many new faces playing at the same time, we could have a tough one v Wexford at the weekend.