Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Now that is a very opinionated post!!! Not that I disagree fully, he was very good, but one of the best is big praise!


That’s a very odd time for a game alright.


Im sure he is 30 this year


If you like 6.2 strong hurlers that’s not Gary but quick skilful and reads the game very well that would be Gary just an opinion


Round up of things so far


Tomás Brady. Is he done and dusted with IC?

Was always told he was someone people listened too. Fine hurler too.


Believe it or not but Conal Keaney is back on the panel now too.


Back to the future. To be honest i have no problem him back while we’re missing the Cuala lads. We need to be competitive in the league against limerick and Galway and if the best options is 34 i have no problem with that.


Class. He’ll put the frighteners on the young bucks


24 34 or 54 If they are better than what’s already there then get them playing! With regards to Keaney he would be some impact sub to bring on for last 15 mins of a game still in melting pot. But not sure he would be happy doing that role.


I don’t think Pat Gilroy will be concerned with what Keaney might be happy with …


Thought Gilroy was the reason Keaney left the footballers ?


No of course not! But the point I was trying to make was Would Conal really bother coming back to sit on bench every time! From the players point of view there should be a good chance you will get to start games! Maybe there is a great chance Conal will start games!


Ah it’d be legend to see the fist pump going again.


If Conal Keaney is back with the Panel this is not the direction you want to be going

He was finished as an intercounty hurler 2 years ago


He was finished as a wing back 2 years ago. Ball winning HF or FF he could still be on option.


Finished within a system that was flogging a dead horse maybe. I think he would bring great stability to a very young team!


Absolutely. Experience alone makes him a massive addition.

Also I’d say he’s able to make serious trouble in the edge of the square.


Weren’t Gilroy & Keaney tipped to be the double-act to take charge of the hurlers?

Maybe Keaney is Pats sleeper agent & enforcer