Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


No harm in a pre season clipping by a better team to see how far off the standard Dublin are.


Tough to play these teams sans the cuala lads and most of our regulars from last year.

Whitley seems to score 2 or 3 points in most games, good going for a half forward.


When is Cork game? Can we get a team list from that if possible?


Apparently we played ‘with a sweeper throughout’ per local Tipp reports…


And lost by 17?

That’s rather worrying.


Surprised so many from Wednesday started again today, going to mix it up more tomorrow then?

Tipp have a lot more regulars starting then we had, while hardly ideal, wouldnt worry too much.


Not so worried by the result. More by the fact that using a sweeper we still lost by a lot.

Anyway, in the grand scheme of things it’s not that important. The league will be over before we’ve a good idea where we’re going.


6 this evening I heard.


Two teams used in the first game I heard. Down 1.8 to 0.9 at half time at half time v Tipp.

Down by 13 or 14 with 10 mins left in the second game v Cork was the ladt score I heard.


Problem with the sweeper is the better teams will just take points from distance, tipp are good enough to do that. Mind you sounds like the first half team we’re doing okay.


Sounds like we’re very much giving lads runs in these games, you’d obviously prefer to be winning/closer.


these games really mean nothing. Forde scored 1-10. He love theses games. loose and no real pace to it. it’s better than training and lafs on on view. No more than that. Tipp not too impressed by a couple of digs from the Dubs. according to their website niall o meara had to be brought off in a ambulance.


YOu’d hope a couple of our forwards could run up a score in that situation though. We only scored 3 points in the second half but by the sounds of it, we had more or less a new team out by then, so with all the lads healing up (10 players out) and the cuala lads out we’re looking at lads well down the panel by the sounds of it.


It’s a short window of opportunity really! Once Cuala finish their season it’s probably another 6 places gone on what will ultimately be a panel of about 35.


3-11 for the full forward line is a decent return.

Playing Waterford midweek apparently


Anyone know where and when Waterford game is on?


I see Gary Kelly from Craobh is back from Australia was one of the best backs in Dublin before he left definitely worth a look at only 26


Think it’s on Friday @Bluedub not certain but.


Friday 2.30 in WIT Complex @ Carriganore I gather.


Not everyone is going to be available for that you’d imagine.