Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


In this day and age it has to be, gilroy is too smart to flog lads to death at this time of year. Who is taking the skills sessions? Cunningham? Is he a coach?


I think its Bart. That is why he has not been on here lately. He fits the criteria perfectly. He knows it all and is from Vincents


Maybe he’s discovered you can troll a lot more people on twitter.

Seriously though i hope the big guy is alright.


I’m sure he is… he is know for taking sabbaticals from here. For all of his nonsense that sprouts from the chips on his shoulders, he does have some considerable knowledge and the place is better with him around than not.


Knowing his online persona, he’ll love the fact he gets mentioned more than when hes on here. If I remember right he left last time after a spat with another member, only to return under a different name on the new site. I too hope he’s ok and presuming that he is, I cant say I miss the constant arguing for the sake of it and clogging up the threads.


There’s nothing happening ATM so he’s giving the place a break . Apparently he posts on gaaboards , there’s enough rattlement on that site to keep him going over the winter .


Is he not from Scoil?


From the AFL 1 thread before Bart went on sabbatical


:smiley: surely no-one is that sad :smiley:


This sounds ridiculous


Was at it Tayto and not only does it sound ridiculous it was a joke … the pitch was tiny n in bad nick … didn’t help they played all kinds of exhibition games for hours before

I brought a few lads who never saw hurling before n while they were impressed with the ease of skills it actually hardly demonstrated the game. I genuinely have no idea how this promoted the game … and the travelling party was 70 !!!.. media n officials

On the other hands the players had a great time on de lash and after game ( I honestly don’t know which player ) took about 15 mins with me friends showing them the skills etc so big fair play for that


Just a tiny example of the astounding waste of money the GAA is now addicted to.


Out of interest, Do you believe in rewarding top performers over two years with a holiday Alan, or are you against offering that reward ?


Why do they need another holiday if most panels get a team holiday?

Ten per cent of all GAA expenditure now goes to less than half of one per cent of members. And it’s only getting worse looking at figures coming out for 2017.

It’s a runaway train and someone needs to stop it.


Sounds like it’s a big fat no from you. Don’t give them that perk


Not against holidays per, se. But between the All Star trip (70 in the travelling party? Jesus Christ ! ) the International Rules trip to Oz & 4 squads heading off on that ridiculous junket to Boston…it all adds up. Tot up the airfare, the hotel bills, the meals & other sundry expenses & you are talking enormous sums of money over all. That money could do an awful lot of good at grass roots level is all.


It’s a valid point but I’d be more concerned about the amount of money leaving the game to managers on crazy money.


It wouldn’t be so bad if they were playing Gaelic Games at the end of it.


The travelling party included media ( Lester , breheny , hogan as I saw )… lotta Croke Park officials … Photographers … TG 4 crew and seemed quite a few wags … whole thing was sponsored by PwC so not sure how much they put up …

I have no issue with players gettin something for their efforts but what irked me was the set up n game itself which was largely pointless … my Guess there was bout 300 + there including the 70 so hard to know what was really the point of it all


It’s all a part of the same thing. A small elite making hay while the foundation that produced them struggles to keep afloat.