Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Fair enough. It was reported on here the players were made to.


Have to agree with you there Rico, whatever about one or two sessions a week to get to know lads, and find out where they are physically and injurywise etc. I don’t think it’s fair on lads having to do 6am sessions and basically give up their christmas.


There’s a lot of stuff on here that’s reported as fact but is nothing more than rumour or supposition. There’s no shortage of people also who will then jump in and accept the rumour and condemn.

What’s obvious from a lot of posts above is that no one here knows what exactly is going on re the makeup of the panel, training regime or return of players previously on the panel. Will be great when we do because at that point we can have a proper informed discussion :+1:t2:


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F*ckers left them in Mitchelstown.


is 3-4 sessions a week ott? I’d do the same myself and i’d hardly consider it a chore. Then again i dont have to travel to training, i thought davy had wexford out 23 days out of 30 or something silly like that, this time last year.


For me anyway, 3/4 in December, with some of them being at 6am, is OTT.


A lot of the lambasting of Davy was done a long time before he got them promoted and brought them to a Leinster final.


From my information it’s more than that, a good bit more. But then as someone else said above it’s all speculation without actually being in the group. Either way the league is obviously being targeted with all this training.


He is poison. End of.


If it’s that amount of sessions just for physical training then it is way ott. If there is a lot of stick work sessions it’s not as bad. I know the stick work sessions will be high intensity but I’d rather that than physical only


I’'d be surprised if the lads are at three 6am morning sessions a week - id imagine it’s not true

Gilroy did it with the footballers in January and February which was fair enough - doing it in November and December won’t work as it would lead to physical and mental burn out in June and July as we have seen with most 'want to be 'county setups in either code

I think gilroy is too smart to overdo it at this point - maybe one or two to test the mettle but not 3 a week in the 6 weeks to Christmas - maybe I’m wrong here


This is it, he did it before, the idea is to reduce the number of training days a week. So instead of Monday and Tuesday having evening sessions he’s just have two on Monday (morning & evening). Alan Brogan said the players preferred it that way as they’d get the Tuesday off. seems eminently sensible approach.cant see that being done 3 days a week.


Me personally I’d rather do a 6am session then do an Afternoon session at 7.30, I don’t think it’s OTT at all, Walsh cup starts in 4 weeks then league starts straight afterwards.


Definitely 3-4 6am gym sesions a week and 2 evenings skills plus 7am sat for a few hours skills or matches


That’s a lot for this time of year. Definitely a lot.

I think we’ll have a good winter/spring but will predict now it will be a tired group in June. The year after will be better


Aka 2011 AISFC?


Surely done cleverly, that shouldn’t happen, you know with the application of sport science and modern stchuff?


I’m sure all training is well planned and specifically designed for a purpose, not flogging the shite out of them for the sake of training.


How many players will be lost to colleges for Fitzgibbon cup in January/February?