Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Who was let go though does anyone know . How many left on panel .


There’s no pleasing some some people. You’d be giving out of he didn’t seek new talent.


No idea who had been dropped but I know some had been asking previously and Dodrill is still part of the panel, some lads carrying knocks which are being sorted early in the year.


might have been posted elsewhere. if not, there’s an incredible and harrowing video interview with Niall Donohues family and friends on off the ball.Shane Stapleton from Cuala doing the interview. Puts a lot of stuff in to perspective. Conor Whelan speaks very well in it, as do the rest mind you.


would you have a link?


Can’t seem to copy the link but if you search for “life, death and hurling” in you tube it’s the first video that comes up.




Any word on how the training is going so far under the new management?


Seems they are taking no prisoners if we are to believe rumours about panel cuts!


Is there early morning sessions involved


I don’t know is the easy answer! But I would imagine there are plenty! If only for the discipline of the exercise! Far easier to make yourself available for a 7pm session than getting out of bed at 5am on bitter cold morning to attend a 6am session when body is already waving a surrender flag!


6am 3 or 4 mornings a week.
Very unfair comment regarding Pat Gilroy repaying favours. He has given a huge amount of guys a real chance to stand up and show what they are made of. If they are not up to the standard of course they will they will be cut.
When he gets down to around 35, I imagine he will have a totally committed bunch of lads that want to give it their all for Dublin hurling. Good to see Paul Ryan back!


Absolutely agree, unless 100% committed very, very hard to keep that sort of schedule up.
Also bear in mind the management team are putting in that commitment as well.


Will they return ???


Where did you see that?


Great to hear Paul Ryan back! If true!


Maybe I’m on my own here but that seems way over the top. It’s the 5th of December, let’s not lose sight of that.

If Davy Fitz had to have come in and was running a similar schedule to PG, having already made the lads give the cars back I honestly think there would be a very different set of comments on this thread.


You’re Probably right!

I Remember when the footballers were doing similar with gilroy and thinking it was bananas but heard Alan Brogan talking about it recently and it seemed a lot more reasonable. The idea was to have 2 sessions for 1 x day. Instead 1 session x 2 days. So less days training.


The only ones that gave their cars back were the management team from last year.


Whatever way you look at it, it’s still 3/4 sessions a week in December. The timing of the sessions only makes it more outrageous. Davy was lambasted on this site not too long ago (and rightly so IMO) for his training schedule with Wexford this time last year.
These are amateurs. December of all months should be their time off to socialize or do whatever they want. I don’t think it’s right they’re being forced to train like is being reported. And let’s be clear, if they want to play for Dublin over the next 3 years, then forced is the correct word.