Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Works both ways. Gilroy will have his own job to do to get the Cuala guys especially rowing 100% behind the setup. They seem a very unified bunch with Kenny


Depends on their perspective. This way they get to keep the Club manager they want which they wouldn’t have done had he been appointed to the Dublin job. The early indications are they’ll have no problem getting behind Gilroy.


Colm Cronin has improved his game a lot, a great power player, Was very impressed and he seems to have worked on his striking too. Gilroy needs to get him on board next year.


Gilroy did early morning training with the footballers in January/February.

I’d be amazed if they are three days a week training at 6am in November/December. It would lead to burn out by July as many teams in both codes have found.


Agreed. Think he has really come on and is as important to cuala as con. A Dublin half toward line of himself, Danny and possibly Whitley could be very promising. Plenty of pace & power.

Malone has filled out to be a very athletic player as well. Moran looks the real deal in the half back line.


i actually think a 2nd year in 1B wouldn’t be a negative at all. 2018 wont define the new management or panel


You are probably right! But guaranteed if we lose two back to back games in the league or even in Walsh Cup there will be many on here shouting I told you so! It’s better to get the house in order before we try push on to lofty heights! As someone said a while back! This is not a quick fix! For now allow a full season before we pass sentence! IMO two seasons would be wiser!


I thought he was studying Medicine and couldn’t commit to county requirements time wise??


He is just using google for everything so doesn’t have to do much studying


Conroy also a strong possibility for the half forward line. It might be early for Whitely yet.

Cronin is a bit unorthodox looking, but it works for him. I would think he is a definite starter if he interested. He was very young when he was involved before, so I would thing he would show a lot better now.

Moran is absolute class, but maybe lacks the physicality for intercounty half back (maybe not either…), but I would be interested to see him at midfield. I have always thought there is huge scope to play one midfielder very deep covering off the half back line and attacking in spurts. He would be ideal for that job. I never really understood why teams sacrifice a forward to do that job, when the two midfielders have an undefined role.


That might be the case, or an excuse.


He was told by the previous management that he didn’t fit into their plans, whatever the ■■■■ those plans were.


Where did I hear the studying line so?? Is he doing medicine??


He is doing medicine, don’t think he’s ever said that study was a problem.


He might be handy to have around here! Plenty in need of medicine! :grinning:


There was a plan?


Who was dropped and surely the question must be asked why were they brought in the first place ? Was Gilroy repaying favours or what ?


How on earth could you come to that conclusion?


Why were they brought in in the 1st place? I would imagine Gilroy might have thought there was something there! Then possibly when the regime started in earnest some lads weren’t up to it! Possibly lack of discipline bad time keeping we could go on and on! I have no evidence to support any of this! But clearly some lads not up to scratch in management


Your question Was Gilroy repaying favourers? Does not merit an answer IMO!