Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Offaly were a fine team, Roscommon not bad either. Cork had some good teams as well.


Good not great. Offlay fluked an All Ireland. Cork won Munster in 83 but got some right hidings either side of it and Roscommon had some good players. The current Mayo team is far better than anything that Kerry team faced after Dublin’s demise.


Came in thinking there might be an update on how things are going and I see Mayo Roscommon and Kerry… We’re doomed!!


Apparently you’re doing good … but not great. :wink:


That was a seasoned oulart team up against a very inexperienced cuala outfit (at the time), they were beaten but learned a lot that day.

The first Dublin club to ever win the club all Ireland and you’re saying it’s a soft win!!! :joy::joy::joy:

If this thread proves the old GAA proverb, that if you try hard enough you can talk down any teams achievements.


The same counter argument applies here as to the corresponding football one (there are no great teams out there in competition with Dublin). If you take Cuala out of last years competition, and it becomes between the likes of Na Piarsaigh / Ballyea / Portumna / Thomas’s etc. and someone wins the final by a point, then these supposed lesser teams become great teams. But if you put a club like Cuala in there who beat them all easily, it just makes Cuala all the better - not any of the other teams more mediocre.

Likewise in the football, a team that wins a lot and sometimes easily, is better then a team generally that loses out every second year to a competitive team. I heard Vincent Hogan on the radio recently saying the same thing, that Dublin can’t be judged with the best because they don’t have a team chasing them as hard as Dublin v Kerry in the 70s or Cork v Meath later on etc. Apart from being disrespectful to Mayo, it is just flawed logic. Say for example, Kerry improved by another 5 points a game in the 70s, so beat Dublin every time and beat them easily - would that make Kerry a lesser team because they had poor competition. So by getting better, they actually get worse!


Chuck is Stickman


Some players from the Boston trip already dropped, I wonder if the panel is open and will any more be added


For all the abuse Cunningham got for his treatment of players, it’s already clear Gilroy’s level of flexibility with players and attitude to player input will be a lot closer to Ger’s than Daly’s was. There’ll be more boots up holes than arms around shoulders with this regime. Let’s hope the manner of communicating that message keeps everyone he wants involved aboard but have no doubt it’s intended to weed out those that truly lack the stomach to deal with adversity.


Fully agree with you! Especially the part about weeding out unsuitable panel members! It’s part and parcel of the system! Ultimately we will be left with about 35 lads with strong character and focus! Then we are ready for A v B sessions and everybody fighting for a first 15 jersey come championship time!


you’d expect some of them to be let go, while it’s fine to looks at a lot of people initially and to have a decent size panel, there’s no point in wasting people’s time either.


Also it’s not really practical to continue with a 50 + panel! And before anyone thinks about mentioning it! I’m not suggesting 50 year olds! :grinning:


That’s hardly surprising. That panel was for that trip only I would suspect. No more than six to eight of them will be there come summer.


But Danny will! That’s the main thing!


I guess he will…if he’s good enough to be🤔


Start of the season complicated now that cuala are Leinster champions. Great for Dublin hurling for them to win but means gilroy will have a more experimental panel early 2018. Makes promotion that bit harder.


Just shows how insane the whole fixtures schedule is … appreciate showpiece for st Patrick’s day but 3 months plus to run off 3 games !!!


Does make it harder Tayto, correct, but I think in the long run, it will benefit the team. There will be a better panel development of fringe players without the Cuala lads, and the team will thrive when they return. They will be battle hardened from their club experience too. It’s all gravy!


In long term it does give us a much better look at what’s there. Promotion games vs Limerick and Galway may well include Cuala players?


Agree that it might be no harm, even if they are back it will mean a fair bit of chopping & changing mid league. But agree that it might be no harm in the long run. Don’t think promotion is that important next year anyways, not with the expanded championship schedule.