Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Paul Schutte not taking it for granted he will automatically make it into Pat Gilroy’s panel once Cuala finish their club commitments! He suggests that there is the makings of a very strong panel within Dublin! He also thinks that there is no risks involved with Co Board appointing Gilroy and his management team! Suggests good things will come from it! Very positive attitude from the lad! Though IMO he is a shoe in to make panel!


Very versatile defender. Agree he should be a shoe in.


Think his attitude is spot on! And can lead to a very healthy environment at training sessions!


Straight back in the team for me! Quality player.


Great defender and teak tough. In my 15 every day of the week.


Inter County & Club Hurling are miles apart unfortunately. Cuala’s rise in the Club Championship coincides with the demise of most the great club teams.

How many county players do the following clubs have anymore?



I’d be very surprised if 3 or 4 Cuala players start for Dublin next summer.


That post makes no sense whatsoever. Cuala is as good as any of the ‘great teams’.


Don’t get me wrong, Cuala are a very, very good team. I just don’t think they’d have beaten any of the above teams in their pomp.


And the others were very, very, very good?


I smell a WUM


Did those great teams have other great teams to beat at the same time? … by Dublin standards cuala are breaking new ground, won’t be up with the above till unless they retain Leinster and go on to paddies day.


Sure it’s the same in football. Our county teams success has come at a time when Kerry and the Northern boys are in demise… :flushed:

I am of course joking. Cuala are a seriously good team who get things right on the day. I thinks it unfair to say that their success is because others have passed on.


No the other teams were great. They had some of the greatest players to ever play the game:

Joe & Ollie Canning
Brian Whelahan
TJ Reid
Henry Shefflin
etc. etc.


There’s an element of truth about the footballers. No doubt they’re a great team but the absence of another great team has made things easier for them.
In the 70/80s you had Dublin, Kerry, Offaly
Late 80’s early 90’s Meath, Cork, Dublin
90’s you had several teams Down, Derry, Meath & Cork
00’s you had Armagh, Tyrone & Kerry.

None of Dublin’s current challengers will go down as greats of the game, team wise.


Very few of the teams you mentioned would go down as greats of the game either. Kerry team of the 70s / 80s truly great as they won what they won over 12 years with same core of team. Only other teams I would put into greats discussion are Kerry team of the noughties & Tyrone team. The rest won an all Ireland or two and that was it. Current Mayo team would probably have won an all Ireland or two in those years

Dubublin team of the 70s was one of the greats. 6 all Ireland finals in a row in 70s and another 3 in a row 83-85. Dublin team of the 90s could have won 3/4 all Ireland’s but we’re just a bit short on quality ‘ composure or plain luck. Current team is up there with the great Kerry team. 5 all Ireland’s, in fact could really have won the last 8 all Ireland’s. 4 leagues and longest unbeaten run ever. They are simply better than anyone and everyone last 6/7 years. Also to note they beat what was basis of Kerry team from the noughties in 2011 and again in 2013. They are truly one of the greatest teams! And it’s been bleedin brilliant to have witnessed & enjoyed every minute of it :grin:.


I couldn’t possibly disagree more.


If this current Dublin team are “great” then judging by results, Mayo are not far behind.


And no team have beaten Cuala in their pomp! Outside of Dublin Cuala won most of their games pulling up! Not because the other teams were poor! More because Cuala were excellent! You don’t become all Ireland champs without being excellent!


An average enough Oulart team beat them 2 years ago. Name a really great team that Cuala beat last year? I’m not trying to downplay Cualas achievements, it’s just my opinion that the standard of club Hurling isnt were it was a few years ago. Sport is all about taking your chance when it presents itself & that’s what Cuala are doing & hopefully they do it again this year.


Yeah but Dublin were gone in 1978 and there wasn’t much else around then either.