Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Jake is very much a midfielder, there was a slight tweak to the middle third against St. Martin’s, he has a fantastic ability to arrive on the 21 at the right time but the runs a generally from very deep.


Yea he does crop up in scoring positions a lot, thought that was due to his tearing forward given half a chance and o’connell Sitting back

Well worth a run with Dublin next year.


Gilroy inviting non-dubs into the squad training, hoping for a few fresh faces.


Wouldn’t they have to played senior least/this year to be able to play for the county?


NAMES please


Unless it means he wants to try get Cuala non dubs on board! What other possibilities are available out there in Senior club hurling?


It’s only hurling and the guy hurled and tried his best, so I’m not going to judge him either way. Any man who achieves county standard and wins stuff has done well in my book.

But… I think he got too many reds in important matches. There is a strong argument that we could have been in the 13 final if he hadn’t been sent off, and for me, we definitely wouldn’t have been relegated the year we lost to Galway (after a draw, 2012?) if he hadn’t been sent off in the drawn game. But, he only did what he does, if a manger keeps putting him out there to be sent off, he has to take some responsibility.

I wish too he had been more circumspect as regards his comments about guys who had left the panel under Cunningham.

But, he was superb in the league final win and he bought something others didn’t - so fair play to him and I am sure he doesn’t give a s***e what I think anyway and he would be right!


At this stage i think we should progress with dubs, unless there’s a Con O’Callaghan type player out there who fancies a crack at county hurling but i dont think so.


Oh I fully agree with you! But I was just putting that out there because we don’t seem to be getting any names to these mystery players! :slight_smile:


Oh i thought you saw it was Chukky who posted.


I may have cracked it! Perhaps it’s the group of lads that have played for Kilkenny Galway Tipp Cork and Waterford! Their names: AN. Other. More often than not they performed well on match day! :slight_smile:


Parentage rule still apply , parents born in Dublin ? Or is this gone?


If the guy is good enough it might be acceptable if his parents drove through Dublin at least once! Or failing that! Be able to locate Dublin on the map!


Ryan O’Dwyer shouldn’t have been sent off in the 2013 semi. Nobody else would have got the line for what he did. William Egan was at Keaney off the ball throughout that match and got away without even giving a free never a yellow card. Keaney should have levelled him after the first altercation but that’s another story. Those Cork tactics really effected our pocout strategy.


Apart from the one we already have on board I don’t think anyone else is up to that standard really.

Maybe he just wants extra bodies in training…


Not so sure about not being up to standards! With heights Cuala reached last year their starting 15 at least are good enough to be included in a 52 man panel IMO.


Who are we talking about though really, O Connell is obviously good enough. Maybe Cian Waldron would make a panel of 52, he was a Blue Star at some stage. Maybe one of the Sheanons… so yes, I am arguing against myself I guess. But there are equally as good out there probably from other clubs who aren’t with other counties.


Speaking of the blue stars



I would imagine not! But any Non Cuala Blue stars fail to make Gilroy panel? Niall Corcoran has retired from inter county! So aside from him!


That would be cool. I’m not anti outsiders, but it would be nice to have all Dubs involved.