Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


He was one of our best forwards from 2011-2014 in League & Championship and a fantastic servant who gave it everything. I just feel that his impact on games has waned a lot in recent times.


Never liked him if I’m honest. One of the biggest mouths you’re ever likely to meet on the field.


Wouldn’t go that far! But your entitled to your opinion! Thought he was outstanding in League final win 2011.


I’ve had had first hand experience of both.

Day before a county final drove into opposition clubhouses car park and proceeded to do donuts around the car park while shouting out the window.

Ask anyone who’s played against him what their thoughts are.

Anyway, his best days are behind him so no real loss.


Haha that sounds gas.


Is it too early to conclude he may not get his own thread ala Dotsy and Bastick :laughing:


If you want to hurl for Dublin you’ll get wherever you have to be by whatever means possible.
There’s to much promo work these days detracting from what they should be doing. There’s one hurler who looks like he’d go to the opening of an envelope he’s in the media that much.


An intelligent chap alright, given het teaches 20 yards away…

I recall his reaction in a senior league fina in otoole parkl when hearing from the stand that if he was a hurled he’d be teaching in cashel.

Himself and baker were well met…

But he did do a job for Dublin that nobody else was prepared of capable of doing but if one is to be brutally honest we were able to find a spot for a dropped Tipperary hurled for a very long time

was he the last intercounty hurled using a cultec ???




Some very harsh opinions on Ryan O Dwyer here. He had his faults but he always gave everything for Dublin. Tipp came back looking for him around 2012 and he stuck with us. He also stuck with us through the last few dark years while some Dublin born players did not. He deserves more respect than he is being shown in some of the posts above.


I think people need to accept where we were actually at under Daly and Cunningham, that Ryan Dwyer was such a pivotal player .

But I’ll be first to acknowledge the balls he showed in returning from such serious injury to hurl again at any level…much less senior intercounty…

Will he be the last hurled from anotherr county to hurl for Dublin ???


Can I just say @Newkidontheblock asked a question that no one has actually answered, yet some of what’s been written above is shameful.
Ryan O’Dwyer chose to accept Daly’s call because he didn’t want to be a two bit player, only being used as a man to take out a troublesome opponent for his home County and was given a chance by Daly to do what he loved - to play Hurling.
Anyone who doubts this man should’ve read his piece in “Fields of Fire” or his article after his attack in England.
As was stated above, he still pulled on the Blue Jersey during the Cunningham debacle, and owes nothing to anyone on here or anywhere else for that matter.
He is IMO a True Blue, and If he has stepped down, he should be shown the same respect, gratitude and applause that any other players has been shown who’s worn our jersey.


Agree 100 percent … maybe opinions vary on his ability n personality but if we had 20 guys with his attitude past years we would be in a much better place …


I’d fully expect to see Darragh OConnell next year.


Is a Dublin player only policy being adopted I wonder. Interesting to see if Darragh OConnell gets the shout .


Yes he should be there on merit. A glaring oversight on my part…


Playing well for Cuala at present!


a key player, incredibly fit and is really showing strong in the last quarter of games


himself and Malone are a very good midfield pairing.


Don’t think Malone actually plays midfield in that set up. He’s the whole time the other side of 11, and is always close to the goal when Con has the ball.