Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


I am surmising that your taking the absolute piss here :wink::wink:


Jaysus this place is becoming a real pain lately …


The Carlow lads get a Kathryn Thomas sponsored donkey and cart.


Yeh those differing opinions really wreck my head, how dare people not agree with me!


Maybe Pat will arrange for door to door collection


You’re a real funny guy …


Few likes on Aido’s diary went to your head I think.




The new cabal is doing wonders for the place :joy:


I don’t think it’s an issue of self entitlement. It’s not like the lads are threatening to go on strike if they don’t get a car. If we (Dublin GAA) are in a position to offer such perks to our lads through sponsorship then we should. Especially something like a car, which will make lads lives easier in terms of giving the commitment that it’s going to take to get to the highest level. If Carlow or anyone else can’t attract a sponsor to do the same for them then it’s their hard luck. I wouldn’t be worrying about the plight of these smaller counties because believe me, if it goes tits up for us in either code they’ll be the first to take pleasure in it, especially if it’s them that do us.
As I said above it’s not going to define our season, but why not use every edge we can to get ahead is my thinking.


It might encourage bit of Carpooling and mightn’t be bad idea to bring panel closer,plus good for new players coming into team.


Is it true that Ryan o Dwyer wasn’t asked back . Without him last last year we would have been battered.he was the only one strong enough to take the battle to the opposition and hold his own


Don’t think he’s a loss. Never mad on him as a player and even less so off the pitch. Good riddance


Perhaps Ryan’s I’ll discipline sold him short! Crosses the line to often! Don’t get me wrong! He has done plenty of good things for Dublin in the past! But is no good to us when seeing red cards in vital games!


Ryan would not be the future of Dublin hurling in fairness. His day is probably over. Fair play to him for what he has achieved but it’s time to move on.


I feel he peaked in 2011 with those 3 goals against Limerick, had some solid days from 2012-2014 also but last few years he has slowed and lost his ball winning abilities. As was said, a great servant during his good years.


I will never forget that goal chance he had against Cork in the 2013 Semi-Final either, why oh why did he hit it high at Nash? I think it would have put us 4 or 5 up with 20mins or so to go. Few minutes later he sees Red. Could have been the Hero that won us the game that day but unfortunately ended up being the guy who contributed to our loss.


Don’t share the negative views towards Ryan. He’s been a very good servant to Dublin hurling. The courage he showed to come back from his nasty head injury following an attack outside a night club said a lot about him. He was very solid in last years league at FF the one player that won his own ball I thought. If he’s not involved anymore then I wish him well.

He didn’t contribute to our loss that day v Cork either. We were robbed by a terrible refereeing decision.


Absolutely, that took some amount of character.


Has to be admired for that! No doubt!