Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


I wonder what ‘earn them’ means for this group of players. Do the cuala lads have to hand back theirs also ?


Guess they have earned them! :red_car:


It means a totally clean slate.


Yea fully agree with that! Only jesting about the Cuala lads keeping theirs! Anyway last thing we need is a 2 tier system in the camp!


Can’t imagine it’ll go down well all the same. Would be fairly costly for players. And people just don’t like having things taken from them


They’re there to hurl. If cars bother them they’re in the wrong place.


The idea behind it is sound! But how success is measured Is where the problem might raise its ugly head! Set the bar to high and it loses its value! Goals need to be realistic and obtainable!


I don’t think cars bother them. The lack of them might though.


They might need the cars to get them to 6:00am training sessions!


Indeed … not many buses at that hour.


If that cars thing is true I don’t agree it’ll necessarily do any good. Treating the lads like kids a bit. Hardly gonna make or break the season mind you


I think that’s a great idea. If lads get the hump about having a FREE car taken from them, they’re in the wrong sport…


Completely disagree


I’d imagine that it’s more likely that the first 12 months of the sponsorship deal is coming to a close and, similar to the footballers, that a different group of players will be selected to benefit from the sponsored cars for the next 12 months.


Nope! It’s as I said above


That’s a step too far if true!

These lads have to manage pretty hectic personal and professional lives (i know they aren’t pros, so don’t nit pick).

If you don’t have your own personal mode of transportation, life can become even more hectic! So sense would indicate that this is the wrong asset to take away in order to teach ‘the earning of’

So I guess the good old Ma’s and Da’s have to provide a taxi service again. You’d have thought if you had an IC son those days would be over!

It’s a damn large investment too for a college lad or a young fella just starting employment if they have to buy a vehicle in order to be an IC player.

Public transport can be extremely stressful and time-consuming depending on the hour of use, so surely that should be avoided too if you want your player to be in the right head space?!

And what about the transporting of your kitbag, hurl, helmet, work clothes, laptop etc… ?? The boot of a car is a handy locker.

I agree with such schoolings to help bring home the bacon… But I think they chose the wrong plum to eliminate in order to teach this particular lesson.


Good post @BOTTLER - agree totally


Jesus how did lads ever manage without free cars?? Bang of entitlement around this thread… what about the lads playing for Kilkenny, or Galway or any county other than Dublin who don’t have trains and don’t have a bus every 30 mins from their door step? How do they manage?


Cars !


Free cars!!! Wait no, lads from Carlow sure aren’t getting free cars…