Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


You should have stopped there …


I agree, the Dublin SF team play two games a year that actually matter anymore.

We don’t have many lads involved with colleges in our first team, no representatives in the club gaa thanks to the mighty Rathnew.

The provinces coming together to play each other over a weekend isn’t going to kill anyone, and similar to the International Rules theres no obligation to accept to play…


Likewise sometimes tradition hold you back. the public have voted with their feet. There are bigger crowds at intermediate hurling matches down here then bother to turn up for the railway cup. it’s one too many team and one too many competition.


Railway cup in football imo could be revived if the 4 provinces plus Dublin and Kerry say in the football were added. No players from those counties could be selected for Leinster or Munster. I d rather that than the international rules bollox .


Yeah like the Idea

Provincial winners Vs It’s province

Leinster V Dublin
Munster V Kerry
Connaught V Rosscomon
Ulster Vs Tyrone


Are these players not flogged enough? Another team. More training. More games. More interference with club fixtures.

No one, absolutely no one cares about them. Let them go.


Ironically gilroy and whelan back in 2013 when managing leinster ( footballers ) did a big PR exercise on it. the final was held in croke park and only 100 people turned up but gilroy talked it up highly


It’s ok we re not bringing it back , it’s just pub talk . I doubt the gaa are listening in , thinking those lads have a great idea there.


Would prefer to see them try an Ulster/Connacht (minus Galway) regional teams in hurling.


Yeah often wondered why this was nt tried , logistics probably regarding collective training. Ulster surely could get a decent 15 from the non - Antrim counties.


To be honest i’d Stick Antrim in there as well they’ve fallen so far.


We will know just how far they have fallen or not in a few months time when we travel to Dunloy to play them in NHL!


Good point :zipper_mouth_face:


Don’t believe it will be allowed to happen! But last thing we need to be doing is travelling up there thinking it’s 2 handy points in the bag!


With new management trying things out, we might not hit the ground running immediately.


Please file this away under ‘Getting the Excuses in Early’ …


I would be going more with the situation being that Gilroy won’t allow them that luxury until they have proven themselves with consistency in their performances! Even then it won’t happen IMO.


You bettcha, and I didn’t even mention cuala possibly winning leinster yet.


I believe the Subaru’s have been handed back with Gilroy telling the players that they have to earn them?


I believe that is correct. No harm either.