Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


31 this year,


You can be guaranteed Gilroy will be talking to Con O’Callaghan about playing some part with the hurlers. Unlikely to succeed but he would be mad not to try.


Least we forget! Brave Gaels! RIP November 21st. 1920.


Gavin spent years I heard trying to get Mark schutte to change codes why wouldn’t Gilroy Talk to dual players


The UK has nothing to be ashamed of during the 20th Century… apparently!!!


Even if the muppet didn’t actually send the tweet himself! He admitted that it was taken from a lecture which he gave at some point! What a plonker! But we shouldn’t be surprised really with that sort of attempt at denial of such things! Anyway we will always remember! Now back to all matters hurling!



Looked stupid on Sunday. Ref blows for a foul everyone stops then ref yells play on. Not for me anyway


Really? I thought ur keepers were very poor, especially looking at the performance of the keepers from other 3 counties. Not concerned though think Treacy will be a top notch keeper in the proper game


Of course they could. But the whole idea of scheduling to suit a tiny minority is what has held the GAA back from having a satisfactory season for the majority… Time has moved on.


No doubt Tracey will come good with time! Comparing our keepers to others on show might be a bit misleading in so far as our top 2 keepers IMO did not travel! (Nolan and Maguire)


I agree but I’d make the all exception for Con…not a hope he will play. Gilroy to be fair is doing and saying all the right things in these very early days. Complete fresh start everyone getting a chance…refreshing to see.


Daly to kilmacud … didn’t see that coming


Yep, that’s a biggie. A more cynical man then me would wonder about the cost of it all about now :grinning:

But its good to have him back in Dublin hurling. There is going to be a good job to be had over Dublin seniors in three years time…


Join the debate over on the senior A hurling thread :blush:


Thought I opened wrong thread for a moment! :grinning:


Looks like the railway cup has gone the way of the dual player. Another good move imho.


The GAA’s persistence with that competition has been bizarre.


Now if they could just getcounty players off fitGibbon teams, they’d actually be close to solving burn out and would have the room to devise a really good season for club, county and colleges.


I could be being wistful and silly here but sometimes traditions are good! The players liked it. I wonder if it had not been downgraded and moved away from St. Patrick’s Day, could it have survived? There is nothing illogical with having the best players from each province playing each other. It drew massive crowds back in the day. Then again, progress is the only thing that matters!