Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


And I think Teddy McCarthy only joined up with Hurlers for the All Ireland Semi & Final.


Think we could settle for Con and Mark doing same with our Hurlers and Footballers over next 3 years! :grinning:


The weekend will give us a brief look at management and players involved in plans. Great trip to go on as a player and a good team building to the new regime. I can’t see any of the teams taking it too serious. Seems like we will be taking a lot of younger/periphery players also.


TnaG showed game last year! I wonder will they cover it again this Sunday? If I recall correctly it was viewed about 6pm. Irish time!


Probably not. It wasnt a great advertisement :joy::joy:


5.30 on tg4 after gaa beo. They are showing all 3 games.


God bless tg4


TnaG Abu!


From Twitter:


Mickey Whelan, Anthony Cunningham and Paddy O’Donoghue confirmed as Pat Gilroy’s selectors for the Dublin senior hurlers. Whelan and O’Donoghue were both selectors with Gilroy when he was football manager


Danny Sutcliffe include in Fenway panel

Few newbies, Alan Moore Vincents being one.


Heard there is a panel of 22 going to Fenway - and then an overall panel of 52 training now. Meant to be a savage schedule also, three days off between now and Christmas!


Anyone have either squad?


Imagine the uproar if Davy Fitz was in charge and produced a training schedule such as that


3 days off between now and Christmas? That will weed out one or two!


The Fenway team is on dublingaa.ie, I cant post link for some reason.

2 sessions a day is the story I heard. Meant to be ruthlessly tough.


Jonathon Tracey
Paul Winters
Eanna Boland
Paul Crummey
Paddy Smyth
Shane Barrett
Stephen O Connor
James Madden
Kevin Hetherton
Cian MacGabhann
Stephen Chester
Dónal Gormley
Glenn Whelan
Ronan Hayes
Danny Sutcliffe
John Hetherton
Fergal Whitely
Cillian Costello
Tom Connolly
Darren Kelly
Cian O’Sullivan
Emmet McKenna
Donal Burke
Darragh Gray
Alan Moore
Niall McMorrow


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Glenn Whelan
Jaysus, he doesn’t get a run in either of the play off games against Denmark, and suddenly he’s in the Dublin hurling squad!


I’m out!


Who is Cillian Costello? Any relation?


Can’t possibly be twice a day every day now till xmas. Who has the time for that?