Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


not when football development squads clash with club hurling and vice versa ???. If you dont see the issue, I’m afraid you dont want to

nowhgere did i see they were giving up on GAA ( just on half it is my fear)


Just on your claim about minor football training clashing with club hurling training. I was on that Christie minor team (before he dropped me :joy:) if you honestly think Paddy went round to 13+ clubs, found out when they all trained, and set football training accordingly you’re deluded. As if all clubs train the same nights. I can guarantee county hurling clashes with clubs football training just as much as county football does with club hurling. When you’re training 3/4 days a week, that’s going to happen.


My bad, you’re point was that sessions were set at the same time as club hurling games, while I was there, nobody missed a club hurling game for a minor football session. Just didn’t happen.


I managed a minor team and players of that age were told by the inter county football mentor not to play club hurling if they wanted to play inter county football. That is forcing what is still a child to choose at club level


Maybe that’s why I was dropped… while I was on the team, was cut before championship, nobody was told if they played club hurling they wouldn’t play intercounty. How many club games do guys on intercounty minor panels play anyways be it football or hurling? Not many, and it’s been the same for every minor team football or hurling for the last while now. Unfortunately county players just don’t play club that often from minor onwards.


so all minor players were available for all league games both codes !!!

My reply was posted before your one came through.

I have equal disregard for co minor managers either code preventing players playing with club


As I just said above, no, they weren’t, but can you tell me when the last time minor county players of either code played every club game?


Ah come on SW…wood for the trees stuff here…Paddy Christie openly stated when he took over as Minor manger…No Dual players need apply…


Yeh, no dual COUNTY players.


There appears to be two avenues in front of us here! One leads to developing the Club player whom in some cases guys are skilled enough to represent the club in both hurling and football! The 2nd Avenue leads to developing the really talented guys in one or the other code! It’s just not practical to try and lead them down both paths! Can’t really blame the county managers demanding that a stance be made on this! Apart from burn out there is the extra chance of picking up injuries in lead up to important games! Another important point is in order to improve Hurlers they need to hurl as often as possible! Thus the reflex improves!


I might be a bit biased here, but, I’ve had previous with your former manager, and it wasn’t as minor level.

I’ve witnessed first hand lads being told they wouldn’t play County if they continued playing Hurling…


I have previous too, he feckin dropped me, I’m not here defending him because I’m his biggest fan cos I sure ain’t :joy:


and i’m only giving out Paddy Christie as a high porofile example. He set his tall out early and was facilitated by DCB so obviously its a central policy


Nope your wrong. In my own club there has been plenty of pressure on lads to give up hurling to play football and I also know a good few players from other clubs who’ve been told the same from players and management.

Most of the time this wouldn’t be said in a group, lads would have been spoken to when they are on their own.


Did Pillar not do it in Na Fianna too? I know it happens/has happened there at adult level in both codes


Strictly enforced this year in order to give other clubs a chance but obviously didn’t work as the club won both minor codes anyway …


about 11 dual players was it


Around that alright!


fair feics to them


As in not enforced :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: