Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


I hear you! It would be great to have Con on the hurling field for Dublin! But things have changed since McCarthy was at his prime! So much more pressure on lads these days with standard of inter country preparation! Just look at the the Dublin senior set up! It’s as near to professional as you are going to get! Just no room to manoeuvre if a lad tries to do both! IMO.


No you’re absolutely right @Bluedub but more’s the pity, eh …


Sure there’s more hurlers than footballers in The Mun :wink:

I’d rather see young fellas who are 100% committed to hurling making up county teams than lads who going to use it as Plan B. It’s a pity, but that’s the way it is now


I don’t agree with notion of dual player not being able to succeed. I accept it will likely never happen in Dublin because there isn’t the will for it. In cork there is. It would become unworkable if there was a large overlap between panels but more straightforward if it was for 1 exceptional talent where both managers agreed to communicate.

In cons case he didn’t join football panel till late march yet could have been foty. Would his football have suffered so much if he continued to hurl part time till July?


I’d love to see figures of how many dual players have walked away from InterCounty/GAA altogether because they’ve had to choose between both…


It’s extremely difficult to be a Senior dual player at club level. We’d have a lot of lads that are good enough for both but can’t manage it. To expect lads to do it at inter county level is almost impossible. It’s a shame but that’s the reality.


Yea I believe his football would have suffered! For the simple reason that the football panel would have started to crank up the training from Paddy’s Day onwards! No doubt the hurling panel would be gearing up for there championship games also! Net result: Burn out almost certainly for Con! It’s just doesn’t work any more at the highest level! You might get away with it at Club level! But not at County level! Particularly in a county such as Dublin where the footballers have serious focus towards winning an All Ireland every year!


Zero I would imagine. You hurling folk love a bitta hyperbole


The intercounty dual player should be dead and gone. There are far more urgent fixture issues than arranging the season so that a small handful of talented players can play everything.


agreed fully but forcing lads at Co development squads u15 or u16 to make a call is too soon.
Most who play adult dual will play inter one code and senior at other, i know we have a few who manage to do both senior but they are the exceptions.

My fear on forcing lads make the call too soon is the detriment of the club game not the county game


Not hyperbole, genuine question. Making a 14/15 yr old kid decide between two sports they love is wrong.

If it was making them choose between GAA and Soccer/Rugby there’d be war…


Good point.


couldn’t agree more


I was made choose between gaa and soccer at 15??? There’s thousands more people that have to pick between gaa and A.N. other sport then there is that have to pick between hurling and football.


that is the standard defence of the football dominant clubs.

there is little issue with playing both codes to 18 with alternate weekends in a structure which DCB showed foresight in introducing and hats off to Alan and the others like Damian Murphy responsible for same.

Clubs with strong dual underage ethos have greater retention probably than those who don’t encourage it as much


So as your manager I persuade you to choose GAA over Soccer. Then after a year of committing to GAA, I then tell you " Oh by the way SW, you know have to choose Hurling or Football!"

What message does that send out


Well if I’d been good enough at both codes to play on hurling and football county teams and one of my county managers asked me to pick one or the other I’d have had absolutely no problem, that’s the way it is now. But I can guarantee there is no one in clubs being asked to pick one or the other, it’s very much an inter county problem and nobody at intercounty level is going to quit all together over it.


Where are people saying that they should have to choose at club level? We’re talking county level here.


my point is forcing u15s to chose at county is they will soon give up club level if exposed to managers like Paddy Christie’s ethos


So county standard players are going to give up all together and never play gaa again, just because they’re asked to pick a code at county level? Not going to happen.