Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


He is.


Was up at the training games last week in dcu so I’m assuming he is involved aswell


Anybody know if Peter Kelly is part of the new extended panel? Brings bags of experience to the table! And while some way off his former self he picked off 2 or 3 good scores in county semi final a couple of weeks ago!


Well thanks be to god.


Your a gas man. Members of your own club can’t handle the fact that hurling is on the rise there for gods sake!!

If you don’t think hurling is second to football in every respect in Dublin, then you are miles away mate.


Wasn’t at the trials


Really! I hope he wasn’t disregarded! As I said IMO he has plenty to offer! There is of course the possibility that he may have been invited to attend the trials But declined! Any Lucan guys on here able to shed any light on this?


Yes I fully agree but that is not why he did it. My point is still totally valid.


No it certainly is … but rightly so …


Is he in so?


Only thing to gain from the Boston trip is formally identifying Gilroy’s backroom team! There would be little or no point analysing the performance! Apart maybe from accessing the fitness levels of the squad members on view!


And if there are any familiar faces which we might not have seen in awhile in attendance


Yea that would indeed be worth checking out! But not a closed book on the matter! Reasonable to say with a such a short time between Gilroy naming his 50 man panel and the actual trip! Many may not be able to take time of work or college!


Back a while.

Met him at the grandads funeral on Wednesday,


So force them to make a call at 15 is is it Alan


At county level?



Fair enough that’s what I’m asking.

I disagree but so be it.

Christie’s crusade ran deeper and discouraged dual club commitments also, with squad sessions running opposite club hurling games on occasion


Not being funny here but it’s probably easier for a Mun man to do this. I doubt anyone down in Mobhi Road tonight wants to see lads giving up one or the other at 15. Ballymun Lower is teeming with dual stars it seems …


This whole area of dual codes is a minefield! But in order to get the best results at senior inter county level in both codes it really is vital to separate both from secondary school age! The longer and more often lads are giving 100% to one code only then with proper coaching he will improve the overall standards!


Maybe - though I saw nothing wrong with Teddy McCarthy winning Sam and Liam - that was when young lads - and old lads - could enjoy their GAA …