Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


It was a bit surprising reading Daly’s book that the hurlers struggled to have a home training pitch during his tenure - they by all accounts also had to fight harder for use of Parnell park at the times they wanted to train there before a league game - the reality is the hurlers historically are second class citizens at a senior level

As you say, I don’t thing those logistical things will be a problem with gilroy at the helm ( even if I’m not sure they will be training in davids/ with the footballers there )


Sure hurlers had to train out in Bray Emmets ffs, because they couldn’t get use of dcu…


They will be training in dcu


I think you’ll find the use of DCU is at the discretion of the college and not the DCB…


Most of the hurlers are from the Southside, Bray Emmetts was used for that reason.


Now now, don’t you know that the truth is far less exceptional than the headline stories?


Hurling is second class when Paddy Christie can openly say he won’t have dual players on his county minor team, and nobody on the County Board says a word. This happens in clubs all over Dublin also. One of the reasons I am hopeful with the new management is that I don’t believe Pat Gilroy would accept that attitude. I basically hope that he can make changes, from the inside, that an externally-sourced i.e. country hurling manager couldnt.


Paddy Christie did hurling a huge favour. The inter county dual player is dead as a dodo. Pointless wasting time on fellas who aren’t going to ever hurl for Dublin.


It definitely did hurling favours - Con o Callaghan may be the last classic dual player at minor.


I got the 9 bus home today and was rather pleased to see segregation on it with a large sign pointing to standing room only for Dublin hurlers. My mood only got better when I saw a sign advertising for a job outside a cafe but advising that Dublin hurlers need not apply.


Any truth in the rumor that the Dublin hurlers are close to securing their right to vote in upcoming elections and referendums in this country?


I hear some guy called Iomaint is lobbying the Government hard to have them recognised as their own ethnic minority group.


100 percent correct and I prefer it coming from the football side too because if lads feel they are being forced to do something sometimes they choose to do the opposite i.e. hurl.


Am I wrong or did Gilroy stop o Carroll from playing for the Dublin under 21s hurlers when he was the football manager.


Is Suttcliffe back in Ireland or still in NY? I know Gilroy is in NY at the minute so be a good time to knock heads if they haven’t already. Perhaps even play him in Boston


You are right there. Daly was furious over it too. Dublin Hurling never maximized the Hurling potential of both of the O’Carrolls which is a shame as I think at least one could of had a good inter-county career.


ROss had a terrible run of injuries for s few years. Rory had a decent enough career with the footballers. Bill could be worth a look at some stage.


He’s back as far as I know.?


Yeah, he’s back a few weeks now. Played a club football game last weekend.


Assume he’s involved?