Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


6am training session down in clontarf


The word is he is bringing a panel made up of the younger players to the tournament in america


Yeah I heard that also. It’s why it made more sense to me to have people involved in the backroom who actually worked with/coached and knew these players.


What are hurling people? Would I recognise them in the street? Have they sliothars instead of eyes? Do you carry the crucifix around all day or do you put it down when you’re having lunch?


People keep saying that, i dont really understand what it means.


It’s a nonsense is what it is. And it’s not going to happen. The successes at underage have been driven by the understanding that both codes working together is essential. It’s the one organization after all!


In fairness Alan, you didn’t give Ger Cunningham that same courtesy the last time.


diffferent standards for the vins man and the as yet offical phantom management team.


Football Management will be there next week also with Sam Maguire so may not be obvious !


When? When he was appointed? Before he’d managed a game?

Not true.


[quote=“See_Saw, post:1010, topic:2664”]

Which is the real reason nobody went to Oz.
Don’t blame them either


We can take surveillance photos of them at the airport then stick em all on a board and start piecing the backroom team together like its an FBI sting


I think at this stage we know well who they all


i’ll take pics of them when i’m over there


People come and go from the football backroom team all the time without any announcements, so I don’t think there is a major issue - but I am a little surprised there hasn’t been some notification. Gilroy was better at this when over the footballers then Gavin is now.

But I don’t really get the ‘splitting’ thing. As far as I can make out, both codes and senior county managers have a direct line to the County chairman and secretary. So the only way to achieve a further split is to have two county chairmen, one for each. But someone needs to be responsible for the overall GAA strategy, the club developments, finances and all the other non playing functions which are vital. So this would entail having the two chairmen report into someone higher - which puts us back where we are now with just an extra layer of management to confuse things.


In fairness, if I remember correctly he only gave Cunningham some stick after things started going horribly wrong on the field.


My comment was directed at the County Board Alan, as opposed to Pat Gilroy. They should have gotten their ducks in a row and announced the entire management team together, no?


I hope this is not the case
this is an end of season tournament and should be a reward for the efforts of 2017
Also I would hope Dotsy would be included (if he wanted) to say farewell and to show our appreciation of a
great Dublin servant and hurler


A here its a new season bring the new panel. Fresh start …the quicker we forget about the Cunningham reign of terror the better. Pity injuries have caught up on him hed still make a fool of most defenders if he could get injury free but he doesnt think itll happen.


I’m happy enough that they’re just getting on with it. I’m willing to trust that Pat knows what he’s at.

Don’t buy that hurling is second class in Dublin either