Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Ryan could well have been there, but so was Ennis.


Ye Duigo from Brigids, wonder is he involved or just looking after a team.


I think he was just looking after one of the teams …aparently he works for giller .


Think there were 3 Davis lads asked out, Reilly, Deegan who played for footballers in cup this yr and Davy keogh, maybe Kevin ward was asked aswell, they couldn’t play due to there Leinster game, I’m sure he probably knows more about the Cuala players.


Great to see Davis lads asked out some good young players. But I will ask does Gilroy not know were Parnells is, or is it the fact he knows nothing about hurling ! Let me put it this way i brought my dog to 3 of our games last year so I would hazard a guess my dog has seen a couple more hurling games than Gilroy has this year.


If your dog can use punctuation please consider allowing it to post on your behalf in future.


Or, at the very least, paws and proof-read before posting.


That idea is barking mad


When I left school at a young age it was because I hated listening to clowns telling me to punctuate .
I sure as hell won’t listen now .
But point taken if not accepted.


Gilroy can’t compete financially with Parnells so he must be leaving them lads alone :eyes::eyes:


That’s a bit fuff!


Gilroy needs to be the one to ask Parnell’s lads out if he feels they are good enough, rather than Parnells themselves deciding they should be asked. That would be a real case of the tail wagging the… ah never mind.


That’s assuming Gilroy would know anything about any hurlers in Dublin , he does not.


So is Gilroys backroom team going to be announced at some stage or will it remain a shadowy cabal of footballers secretly deciding the fate of Dublin Hurling? :worried:


Bart is back. Cabal gives him away every time


I’m not Bart, I’m not even Dublins top Bart tribute act


We’ll see who is in Boston next weekend.


If it was football, it would be unacceptable for no announcement to be made. It’s actions/omissions like these that remind hurling people that we are second class citizens. The sooner hurling and football are totally split, the better.


If you can be certain of one thing it’s that hurling will not be a second class set up with Pat in charge.

Could you at least wait until a ball is pucked before you start giving out.


Read that, from St. Brigid’s app, Nolan, Plunkett, O’Sullivan, Winters & Dunne, called up for pre season training panel…