Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Mr Benchmark I believe his nickname is.


Any non Vincents lads involved apart from AC?


Heatherton and Ger Ennis.


Sean Brady involved, he would of been Tommy Conroys no.2 for years with Vins.


Yea that’s the guy.


Is he the stats man?

Lad from Vincents doing stats lately at a few games.


Hedgo not involved but has been giving them a dig out with players for the trials etc as he would know most players and management of clubs.


Not sure to be honest what his role is.


which in itself is some indictment of the selectors /coaches chosen by Pat.

fair dues to him for digging them out


Dead right, just pointing out a few of the lads who were there, nothing yet to say any off them will be involved long term


From what I’ve heard 4 teams involved…North, South, East and West. A couple of lads were assigned to manage each team and it was these lads who called up players to attend last Saturday.
As the Parnells lad said above, Clubs weren’t asked to send forward players which could be a lost opportunity but I’m sure the lads involved would know most players anyway.


Do we know whether lads like Colm Cronin have been approached yet? i know he’s busy with Cuala but what about Shane Durkin?


Durkin & Paul Ryan asked back as far as I know. Cronin I would imagine is nailed on to be involved if he wishes.


Be good to see one or two Pre season games! Just to see how guys are going! On question of Pre season games: Is Walsh Cup knocked on the head this year? Nothing on Leinster GAA website about it!


sean duignan played for the dubs in the nineties was the brigids chap


a name i couldnt remember in a different context a few weeks ago. Thanks thats another thing put to bed


Think it was Ger Ryan the Naomh barrog manager who was with heatherton


I read somewhere that it was going ahead without the college involvement which, if true, is a good thing.#

Can’t remember where i read that so don’t take it as gospel.


Yea I heard/read that somewhere also! But strange there is no fixtures listed!


Thanks for that, nicknamed Diego?