Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Has since moved back


Well the important thing is He is not lost to Dublin hurling!


Dotsy always had a great attitude. Will be missed in the setup. Hopefully joins in another capacity at a later date.


Great player for Dublin. One player you got really excited when he got the ball in hand. Also had his fair share of bad injuries over the years so he showed great dedication to keep coming back from them.
Also a real sound fella. One the times bumping into him the night of the Leinster final of 2014 and just wanted to say hard luck to him. Genuinely stayed talking for a fair few minutes afterwards and even asked myself where I was thinking it went wrong on the day!!


It would make you wonder why Cunningham didn’t do something similar. Coming into his second year he was saying that this year he had his own panel, as he had to work off the previous panel in his first year - but there was nothing stopping him holding trials and seeing every player in Dublin.


Was Cunningham at these trials over the weekend or any other backroom team. Backroom team Still hasn’t been announced has it?


Cunningham and Whelan were there and a lad from Bridgets whose name I can’t remember.




Doesn’t it rhyme with Ronny McTurk :joy: Or is he Whitehall? Or Ciaran’s?


Very true @wifi,pat has started the right way giving everyone a chance seeing what’s around the county there’s not doubt there is some exciting hurlers but it’s getting the right blend and mixing it up. He done the same with the footballers at the start gave everyone a chance and was never afraid to make big calls either. Yes chunningham was there also.


Sounds about right.


Johnny wasn’t there


Who was St. Bridgets goalkeeper in Championship this year?


Nolan was the keeper against Cuala.


I’m glad to hear that! Always found him to be a solid Keeper! If rumours mentioned above re: St Bridget’s man at trials last weekend then there is every chance of getting Alan back on the panel! He has a massive puck out which might help mix it up a little!


Fairly sure GC did the same in his first few months. Think he saw a load of players from a wide range of clubs in trial games and inter county friendlies.


Sorry, deffo not McGuirk (bit of a brain fart on my behalf), as far as I know he works for Pat G maybe one of the Bridgets lads could put a name to him.


Did he? I never heard about them if he did… Mind you, people tell me feck all these days, they’re afraid I’ll post it on ResDubs! :slight_smile:


As well as Gilroy and Whelan, i heard there is another Vincents man involved in the setup. I think he was a coach ( not manager) of one of the senior teams last year. Can anyone from Vincents confirm ?


Paddy O Donaghue, a football selector under Gilroy, also involved.