Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Best of luck to him in retirement. Great attitude & Servant of Dublin Hurling.


Did Dotsy win an All-Star?


nominated in 2013 only i thought


Dotsy along with keany won leinster senior football and hurling medals ,a rarity in the modern game and very unlikely to happen again in the near future


A rarity indeed! Maybe Con might be added to that list in a few years!


Thanks for the memories Dotsy a great servant and ambassador for dublin hurling .always a gent


Is Dotsy 35 yet?


Lads got calls today to an extended training panel I believe after Saturday


Something in the line of a 50 man panel with a lot of new faces so i believe great to hear.


next year


Not the case that he is going before pushed, was given the opportunity but injuries particularly to his back just ment that time was up.

Not only was Dotsy a great player for Dublin he is a real gent, great lad for presenting medals and talking to underage players. Great attitude on the field and terrorised a few Kilkenny defences when they were at the top, hopefully in years to come that experience and knowledge will be used on development squads and inter county teams.


By that logic Paddy Carr should replace Jim Gavin with the footballers.


Me: Checks voicemail

Me: Grumbles about unfair the county call up

Me: Orders another pint of porter


Couldn’t agree more with this. Dotsy done a summer camp some years back in our club, my young lads was helping out as a 15 year old and Dotsy took him under his wing for the week. Showed genuine interest in the young lad and really treated him like a friend for the week.

Was also a smashing hurler who had knack of getting scores from nothing, and a great servant to Dublin GAA. Hopefully he stays involved at some level.


always seems a smart kind of player, so would be surprised if he didn’t get into coaching/management at some level. Talked last year about how much he would miss being involved with this group of players.


Could be wrong! But does Dotsy not work full time in coaching and development?


Yes, he’s the GPO out in St Marks (his own club)


Thought he was Boden … :nerd_face:


Your a Barrs man aren’t you? How many lads from Barrs got a call up?


We’re both right! His home club is Mark’s but he moved to Boden in 2015 (according to Google anyway!)