Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


3 x 40 min matches I think


If anyone was at the trials could you advise if any players outside the expected stood out? Thanks


I don’t really care who ends up being on the panel, but I do know things can only be better with a halfback called Meatball.


He’s got to start HB. If he can hurl it would he bonus territory.


Pat Gilroy has to be pleased with the Cuala performance today! Gough O Connell the 2 Tracey’s Paul Schutte Cronin Moran and Jake Malone all played well today! I’m probably forgetting a couple more! Thought Cuala played very well!


They’ll be so many cuala lads playing for Dublin next year you’d wonder why they didn;'t just appoint their manager !


He’s not a Dub. Managers must be dubs. Remember?


Daly had a look at meatball 3 years ago 25 years old still plenty of time only hitting his prime now


4 years ago sorry


We would have to wear red jerseys if that happened! To many bad memories attached to Red jersey managers and Dublin hurling over last 3 years!


Dotsy announces retirement http://www.hoganstand.com/ArticleForm.aspx?ID=277780


Owes Dublin Gaa nothing. Will hopefully be driving Marks on for many more years to come


I’d like to think that he’s doing this off his own bat. If not, it sounds like he was given the chance to announce his “inter-county retirement” by the new management rather than being publicly cut from the panel, which is probably what GC would have done.


Great player for Dublin through some pretty lean times and some great times. Thanks for all the efforts Dotsy!


Dotsy was carrying a few injuries over last two seasons so body probably not able for the obvious work load that Pat Gilroy was about to introduce him to! But as stated above! Dotsy owes Dublin nothing! Very popular guy among teammates and Dublin supporters alike! Thanks for the memories!


Watched the first game, a lot of new faces that I did not know. Paul Winters stood out with good points scored from the middle of the field and also top class on the frees.
Paul Crummy excellent in the air and scored a few nice points also. Great to see this new management giving plenty of new lads a chance. Some will argue that whoever is out there are known about but you never know.
This went on for most of the day on Saturday so there is obviously a big effort to get an extended panel in place as soon as possible.


Apart from Gilroy! Who else was on the line?


Right decision all round . Thanks for the memories Dotsy


If they’re bringing in new lads they need to get them doing conditioning at the earliest opportunity. Winters has to be worth a look i’d have thought?


Had a good club champo (apart from sending off). Always impressed me club wise but very light. Ger let him go far too early imo.
Winters that is.