Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Talk about losing the run of yourself


Ye and they wonder why they arent liked. There is a serious amount of tslent coming through that u21…last years minor were exceptional too and last years u17s aswell. Daire Connery although still only in 5th year came on for their u21s and looks like an incredible talent. He destroyed us at minor last year.


The u21 team looked very strong but a lot of them are already on the seniors. Dalton being the main exception but to say

Denis Ring’s U21 side possesses players capable of becoming legendary men at senior level for Cork.

you can see Cork winning three of the next seven or eight All-Ireland SHC titles if these guys train on.

is embarrassing, frankly.




It is ye. But Fitzgibbon and Coleman already look like all stars lets hope they don’t train on.


He’s going to look like some arse if Tipp beat them in the final!

An embarrassing article. Reminiscent of all the love in articles re Kerry this season. And we know how that’s turned out :joy:


Kerry who were gunning for Dublin but forgot about Monaghan and Galway? That kerry? The kerry who were taking a hiding at home from
Kildare till the ref gave them a peno and then when they were still making a meal of it sent a Kildare player off harshly? That kerry?


Do you mean ‘yeah’ ? Ye does not signify ‘yeah’.


It is a serious U21 team though, they should win the AI with ease. And Under 21 is a much better guide then minor. The Kerry thing with the minors was always over the top, minor is a guide to U21 and U21 is a guide to senior - you can’t skip the step. But as you say too, it only makes a real difference if the players aren’t already being utilised at senior, or if there is no room to take one or two of them into the senior team.

Taken on it’s own merits. Galway should be unbeatable at senior given their underage success over the years. But they can only play 15 of them, and other counties only have to match the 15 they have the field, not the 45 they could have.

Having said all that, Cork will be good. They should get to the top table, but that is no guarantee of winning All Irelands. We will be ok, but it would be nice to have a Dalton type figure coming through at underage (he looks incredible). Burke is very classy, but not that dominant. Probably the best I saw this year over all with the U21s was Crummy though. Although it is vital that one or both Curries come through, as we just don’t have that style of player at all.


Dalton is good …serious strike too. Doubts about is temperment are probably the only things that could go against him. He looks to be exactly what cork need in there a proper ball winner at centre forward…hopefully not.


We didnt set the world alight at u21 but still a few lads will make good seniors. Donal burke and sean currie have huge potential in a full forward line. Critically they can both win their own ball despite not being huge.


I think this was a year when we had a decent team, but 2 or 3 counties had really really good teams.
Currie is the type of player we need. With Burke, other then odd flashes I never saw why county managers (Cunningham and Gilroy) thought he was the one that should be fast tracked to senior ahead of others. But the two u21 games he played in this year, Westmeath and Wexford, showed me a bit more what I was missing. He definitely has something special, I am just not sure what is the position at senior that will bring it out in him. Corner forward maybe…


I’d bring both curries through like you say and would like conroy to get a good run as a forward. Some lads take awhile to adjust to senior and to perform consistently. Burke is one of those imho, think he’ll have a big year next year if he stays fit. Took Peter Kelly, Shane Barrett and most recently Rian McBride good few games to make the step up and to look comfortable at this level.


Ye i think it was the year at u21. Unfortunately we never got goin in the second half against a decent enough wexford team. Burke was fast tracked because Cunningham got rid of all other forward options plus the fact that he started midfield at minor 3 years in a row and was talked about as being the best prospect in some time. He has lots goin for him and showed at u21 this year pieces of absolute quality. Might have been no harm he was injured this year it may give him a break i felt he needed last year. He will be 20/21 next year so injury free he will be a huge addition. Hes very skillful too and i think he has the potential to create goals inside.


Pat said in some ways the early break was no harm as some lads can get some conditioning & gym work done. Burke and the younger players will benefit I think.


Ye burke, conroy, mcbride, smyth and whitely could probably all do with that. Look at limerick and galway huge physical teams who can hurl but theyre still quick. Its important you maintain the speed aswell as strengtening.


Agree yea. Would be great to get Paul schutte, o’connell & Cronin back next season. Bennett as well but that’s probably pushing my luck.


Hopefully a few panelists will put their hands up for consideration now when the SHC starts up.


Ronan Hayes looked promising enough when introduced this year. Hopefully he gets a few more opportunities! Looks real deal when he turns and runs at defenders.


That’s as positive a spin as I’ve heard…early championship exit means extra S&C…

Pity early championship exit didn’t mean final stages of SHC weren’t in Sept/Oct.