Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Mossy Quinn?


Fran Ryder?


Anna Geary?


wouldn’t be the first fella to try tempt her with the small ball n big stick


Alan O’Connor?


:joy::joy: :ok_hand:


A year or 2 of Connolly at senior hurling would be a fantastic way to finish his career.
Conghaile one is hard to fathom alright…big strong balling winning half forward with pace…surely Gilroy will try convince him…its clear enough at this stage good an all as he is as a footballer he aint getting into that team. Not sure Costello will ever be a starter on the team or Mchugh which is incredible considering how talented both are.


Agree with all of the above. Think O’Conghaile is gone off the football panel so he’s surely worth asking.


What is O Conghaile like as a hurler now? I have seen very little of him since he was a minor.

Personally I would have given him more of a chance with the footballers, he is a fantastic fielder of a ball. But I think that ship has sailed for him now.


I personally think if a lad has played at a sufficiently high level before he leaves primary school, he can get it back later. The muscle memory is there. You will never hurl fast as an adult if you didn’t as a kid. You will play corner back for the juniors, like I did!


It sounds like your mocking me, I excelled as a junior corner back!


No Rochey. You could probably hurl. Violence was my skill set!


Shoulder charge to front is a noting, unless it’s deemed more than a shoulder charge and thought to do rough play, then its yellow.
In which case, thats were it becomes open to opinion, did you deem it a shoulder charge or rough play?!?
It was quite obviously on the boarder line of ref tolerance of noting or yellow


Not only starting for another, but potentially transforming us from “almost there” to “competing” at the business end…


i don’t think he starts for Lucan anymore or certainly didnt seem to be there for awhile, migh thave been injured, but if he’s not hurling at club level i t’d be a long way back. great paw as a minor.


I’d be very positive about where we are overall, thought our championship performances this year were a big step in the right direction. Think we’ll give the league more attention in 2019 - so long as Cuala don’t win Leinster again.

I would say Pat will be looking at Cronin and O’Connell for starters, both of who might be available next year. Cronin was not as effective this year as he was in 2016 but he still has a great engine and does an awful lot of dirty work. O’Connell really stepped it up this year, he was outstanding.

Paul Schutte if he recovers would add experience to a pretty strong back unit. Add Dillon back into our forward options and we’re a lot stronger than this year - but then there’s always likely to be someone out, so swings and roundabouts.

Those four would make a big difference instantly.

I’d be inclined to take rumours of Connolly hurling next year with a pinch of salt. If he does, he has a lot of work to do. He was a very promising hurler underage and the little i’ve seen of vins over the last few years he does show glimpses of that ability and to be fair that’s with very little training. If he was giving hurling his full attention he probably could add something but i wouldn’t expect too much too soon.

Mark Schutte is an obvious one to try and attract back to hurling, not even making the bench with the footballers generally. He gave it a shot so hopefully he does a dotsy and comes back rather than a Brady and stays as training fodder.

If he could get Chris Bennett interested and fit he’d be a huge addition, we just don’t have a lot of forwards who can sling over points like he can. Goals to. Faughs had been running up decent scores till recently enough. Notice he wasn’t on their team during the week - might be travelling/injured/holidays?

Pat had said having the summer off might not be the worst thing as it will allow lads to develop physically with a gym programme - i’d say lads like Donal Burke are who he was thinking off. Has the skills just a bit more fitness and strength and he’ll be a very good senior.

The Curries should be brought in and get them training with the seniors. I’d also look at Conroy again and give him a chance to find his feet this time, a nice touch for a big man, a bit of upper body work and he should be a badly needed option in the HF line.

Most of the other u21s this year are knocking about the panel already so hopefully one or two of them can make the step up next year, like Rian McBride did this year (after a few chances).

Good minors and u17s last year and another good minor team this year bodes well for what’s coming through, pity the u21s didnt go too well this year but having seen Wexford since they were a very good team.


Very good year all things considered.
If we get 3 or 4 extra from Cuala back we could be in good shape. It could free up other lads to play in positions where we are struggling a little bit too. Add in burke and trollier. Cant see Bennett back unfortunately which is a shame given his potential. That alone is potentially 6 players who could improve the team some signifigantly. Sean Currie would be u20 next year so definitely old enough and talented enough to bring in. I am hopeful some dual players see sense and are able to see what could potentially happen if they were on board. As you say to to very good u17 in a row which will reap benefits in 2 or 3 years.


Recovering well i hear. Aiming to be back before end of year to start preseason for 2019.


He could slot in nicely at cornerback and possibly free up eoghan o donnell to go midfield. All we need now is someone else to win the dublin championship :slight_smile: