Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


I’d say your glad all the same …


Well he’s certainly not worth a starting spot now.

Be nice to see some young Dubs coming through!


Best of luck to him. Can’t say he never got stuck in


Had some good days in sky blue, brought that bit of divilment we needed at times (went over the line a couple of times too) will always wonder what if about that semi final v cork, where he was hard done by. All the best ROD. May the O’ not be forgotten again!


Best of luck Ryan, did a great job for us


same here, he brought in something that Daly needed which wa sa lad to do the dirty hurling, and as for that Red …terrible decision.

cork got lucky against us twice with reds, same in 2016.


Wish Ryan all the best.
Gave a lot to the cause. Showed great character to even get near a hurling pitch again after the incident which left him with a serious head injury when in the UK.


Maith an fear Daithi




I actually never thought he was hard done by in that game. The argument seemed to be the first yellow shouldn’t have been given because it was so early in the game, I don’t think that’s a valid argument. The second one was a definite yellow and he should have known at that stage to be extra careful. Actually, given his propensity to get cards, he should have been taken off earlier. He got sent off in a league relegation game against Galway too that cost us div 1 status.

But they are the bad things - the good things are the league final where he was immense against Kilkenny also the first half of that Cork game where he caught loads of high ball. Also some horrible wet days in the league when he got stuck in and did the heavy lifting that needed doing.


Don’t think so, the argument is that a shoulder charge to the chest according to the rule book is a warning, and a yellow for a second one. As far as I remember both of his cards were for this? If that was the case then he should have been noted the first time and booked the second time, but he got booked both times!


If you are right, you are right as they say. Could any refs out there clarify this? I thought it was a yellow each time, but I don’t have any thing mundane such as facts to back that up.


Here it is from the GAA official guide:

The bit in bold is the important bit!

It’s possible the ref did him for “Rough Play” which is a yellow though.
Judge for yourself

1st one:

2nd one:


Correct. Ref got it totally wrong and he cost dublin a shot at an All Ireland. A real case of a fella’s reputation preceding him.


Excellent research! You are right, unless it was rough play, the ref was wrong for the first one anyway.


He got the first yellow card because Jimmy Barry Murphy made a big scene at the time. If Davy Fitz done that there would be uproar


Clear as day. He gives the first yellow as an afterthought, almost.


A couple of weeks ago Gilroy said he’d be shaking every branch he could to getting the best hurlers on the pitch next year. Is there any likely dual players may jump ship who are seeing no game time at all with the footballers. Has Mark Schutte come on for the footballers or even been in any match day squad?


How anyone would rather barely make the bench for one team when he could be starting for the other is a mentality I simply do not understand.

Emmet O’Conghaile possibly?

And if he shakes a tree around Marino he might find an older lad who was an exceptional talent as a young man and might have something to offer now he’s got the football out of his system :wink:


Jimmy Keaveny?