Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


The positivity is great. Was sadly lacking for the last few years.


Huge improvement with scope for another huge improvement.


Yes indeed, not sure what the average percentage of frees is to concede but 45% seems very high. Of course you need to concede the accasional free but that’s handing too many scores away.


The goals against number is staggeringly good. Even in games where they were being walloped we weren’t conceding goals. I would be very wary of trying to burst through that full back line, between them and Nolan I think you could pay a serious price for it.

The half backs, rightfully, got a lot of credit this year, but the full backs were equally as good. I underestimated O Callaghan, there is a lot more to him then I thought.


tbh I’m not crazy about Nolans tendency to floor any forward that gets through on goal, we’re the ones who’ll pay the serious price for that :thinking:


It’s 8 points difference which is only 9% improvement.
6-26 of last years tally came from the Tipp game. Tipp were on fire this time last year, this year we played Offaly. Granted we’d a game more this year due to the structure but let’s not get too carried away.


If we give away a goal or two from a penalty, it would still be a lot less then we would from play. Actually, statistically, you should always concede a penalty rather then a goal. Only one in three penalties are scored.


I think the difference is in the score difference, not the amount scored or conceded. We played 3 serious teams and have a score difference of minus 0.04 (I think) from those games. Last year any serious team going half way decently was always going to hockey us.


Are we comparing the same number of games?


Its the difference in goals conceded which is the big ticket item. Reducing the points conceded, especially from frees, is an output of coaching the players on how to tackle in a more physical way while staying within the limits of the referees interpretation of the rules.

Get both of these correct and on match days we will be extremely difficult to beat. It has us moving much closer to the KK style of play which has brought them so much success.


It’s a game less last year (so 9% better + one game), and one of the teams played was Laois who would be weaker then anyone played this year.


That hurts my head. :joy:

The goal conceded is obviously a huge plus but the number of points by frees (relatively speaking easier scores) is way too high. Something to work on next year.

Goals scored would be a lot healthier as well i’d imagine?


Yes - as outlined here x4/3 + 2x2/3 + 1 v (x2/3)2 + 2(x2/3) + 1


did you forget to divide by pie?


That’s a bit of a quichee.


Tut tut, that’s what’s wrong with the world these days, sloppy maths…

It’s 9-36 -( (9-36/3 ) - (1-85/4) ) x 100


Excuse me - I got two grades in my Leaving Cert maths … N and G


My OCD being tested here…




Ryan O’Dwyer retiring from inter county hurling. Had a good career.