Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era



Just because you lot were successful against Metro, doesn’t mean I won’t undermine you lot! :slight_smile:


:joy:… one sec…


Probably better than Pat Gilroy’s first year in charge of the footballers! I’ll take the next two years going the same way, please!


We still thankfully have Burke, Whitely, Hayes, Smith, Conroy etc from the seniors involved at u21. This u21 team is a bit special imo…


It’s a pity it’s over already, so those through are now going back to a system like the old championship where there’s weeks between matches and only a select few get more games.


If we can get them all on the pitch


Overall lads I am delighted with the progress this year if not the results. I was really encouraged by the 2nd half in Salthill on Saturday. Game looked dead and buried but credit to players and management we had a real go in the 2nd half. The fact we took the fight to Galway when there was nothing at stake is really encouraging.

Delighted to see Sutcliffe fighting with Mannion…I know he was lucky not to get red but there’s no way he was taking a step back and thats what you need at this level.Plenty of help for him too in the shemozzle!
Rian McBride had his best game in a Dublin shirt. Jake Malone is another one of the same vintage who has really improved this year.
Our 6 backs are settled now and all look comfortable…we rarely look like conceding a goal.
Winters made a real difference and has improved a lot under Gilroy.
Great to see Trollier back.Getting the best from Keaney and Rushe too has been great.
I too doubted bringing Nolan back but he has been outstanding this year.

2018 has been a great start to the rebuilding process and with a bit of luck we could be in a Leinster Final. There is a bit of Joy back in Dublin Hurling. Hope the lads enjoyed their night out in Galway, they deserved it.


Fully agree. After standing in Semple stadium for that embarrassing rout less than 12 months ago there’s been significant turnaround. With a bit of luck, some composure and a couple of bad referee decisions not going against us we would be looking forward to a Leinster final. We’re not there yet but we’re not far off either.

Really need to push on in the league next Jan. As much as I enjoyed and admired Cuala winning the club AI I hope they take a year off next year so Gilroy has full panel to work with for the league and into the Summer


Was almost afraid to say it but cuala “ taking a break “ ( as u so nicely put it !!!) would be a significant advantage to Gilroy n Dublin hurling … when u think of it the management had v little time to play with the full deck so I think they have got the max outta this year

Have seen mention of U 21 so hopefully they can give this year a good rattle as that would also be a fillip to the longer term plan n belief


All fine and well Cuala not winning it! But if Vincent’s were to win it we would be short a few also! Crokes to win would less damaging.


Because they wouldn’t win Leinster? :grimacing::ok_hand:


Monday Club?


You needn’t worry too much about that I suspect.


I think it has been a really positive year. We are probably 10 points a better team against the top teams then we were this time last year.

We also have a base team now. People will come into the first 15, but to have achieved that they will have to have shown they are better then the person that is there now. So there will be continuous improvement. The Hail Mary stuff of trying mad things in important games that went on in the last few years is behind us.

However, there was stuff I thought could be improved on. Nearly every time we are beaten, Gilroy says it was because of lack of intensity. That is true sometimes, but not all the time. The first half display last week wasn’t down to intensity, it was a tactical error - we played without a full forward line.

Also with Rushe, the full forward thing can be made work, but it can’t be just a lump a high ball in thing like it was in some games. For whatever reasons he isn’t great under a high ball as a forward. His forte there is either as a forager or coming out onto ball and then in both instances, creating mayhem when he has it. If they want to persist with him there, they need to fine tune it.



Aye … but good hurlers don’t grow on trees …


Good positive article, pity we couldn’t have had a few updates like that during the season.

Great that Keaney is staying on, he’s in good shape and we need time to find his replacement. Agree with you wifi that we’re in a very good position now for next year. There’s a few potential additions floating about who could help drive it on next year. Injured lads like Dillon, Burke and Paul Schutte plus one or two more Cuala lads: Mark Schutte, Cronin & O’Connell and the stand outs from the underage setup - but for now let’s see how the u21s and minors go.

Shame there’s a 7 month gap till we see Dublin play again - The AHL should be high quality this summer, which might be no bad thing.


Sounds like a man who can’t believe the Summer is already over for his group. A very positive interview though


It is and it isn’t. Regardless of how well or otherwise the 2018 Dublin Senior HC winners do in Leinster and beyond, the rest of the panel will be chomping at the bit, come February. I will expect better things in next year’s league and - if the current championship set-up prevails, will relish having Galway and Wexford in Parnell Park next summer.