Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


That’s sanctimonious nonsense that gets thrown out periodically here by people who have never been slow to vilify other Dublin players, managers and clubs without a hint of concern or appreciation of the irony. That’s a general comment rather aimed at you Iomaint.

Whether OConnell wants to play for Dublin or not is entirely up to him. He’s not actually from Dublin so if anything him playing is denying a Dublin player the chance to play for his county. If he was invited and turned it down he shouldn’t be invited ever again. If however it’s other reasons for not playing that’s his own business. Have no interest in OConnell beyond being told by someone associated with the panel that he turned down invitation.


Sounds like Jack Mc should be kicked off the Dublin football panel. He declined the chance to play for Dublin in 2016.




Touché Beeko!


Ah yeah Jack going off abroad as part of his medical studies is the same thing alright.

Anyway will sign off on this before the ‘cabal’ come after me :sunglasses:


I’d have no issue whatsoever if he was injured. To be honest I’d prefer if we went down the road of playing our own. But if a country lad wants to commit then fair enough. But I’d only ask him once if he said no without good cause!


We know where you live.


Funny how we accept that for the hurlers but wouldn’t for the footballers. Maybe it’s because the country hurlers are much more wrishty than us Dubs! And you can’t beat a good wrishty hurler can you :slightly_smiling_face:


A Kerry hurler … not so much wrishty as a failed baller mebbe … :hushed:


some scandalous comment re Daragh O’Connell

People commenting without facts

He had to put up with a lot of unsavoury comment when Ger Cunningham brought him in a few years back even though he performed very well on a team hammered by Galway on his debut. He went on to play some good games for Dublin and to be a massive influence in the Cuala success including man of the match in the 2017 AICF.

Paul Mannion, Jack McCaffrey, Diarmuid Connolly, Danny Sutcliffe, Rory Carroll many others have missed seasons for various reasons for Dublin teams. I am glad managers didn’t shut doors in faces. O’Connell entitled to the same treatment

I would love to see the hurling panel strengthened by him, Cronin, Mark & Paul Schutte. They might not all get a game ! which is a sign of a squad developing.

O’Connell is very committed to fitness, good lifestyle, developing his skills which made him into such a good player with Cuala and his presence missed with Dublin. I d be giving the chap the benefit of the doubt


Well said!


Very well said. Darragh O Connell is an outstanding athlete and hurler, he would be a great asset if he is available to return to the Dublin panel. When players opt out of intercounty panels, for whatever reason, their decision has to be respected. These lads give a lot of their life to sport but unfortunately injuries seem to be ever increasing problem in Gaelic games due to the speed and intensity of the games and lack of recovery time. They all deserve our support.


the man is ultra committed to hurling - a few jumping on him here now but he soldiered away for a few years with Dublin when others didn’t.


I dont care what anyone says…

A 2point loss to Kil
A 2point loss to Wex
A 1point loss to Gal

All games down to the wire and we coulda, woulda, shoulda won them…
Thats a successful first season gentlemen…
I cannot wait to see what this team and management can achieve in 2019

The only disappointment is that we actually came so bloody close to winning the 2 that mattered, being Kilk & Wex… but lets be honest, as a first season, we have to be satisfied




The loss is probably a fair refection of where we are. A big improvement on 2017 but not at the level to beat these teams yet.

Gilroy will have to develop this teams mental strength to close out big games. Did it with the footballers from 2010 to 2011 and it started with beating the big teams in the league. Dublin hurlers have to beat some of the big teams in 1b so when leinster begins in 2019 we have the belief to finish Wex and KK.

Not giving Gilroy a free pass but for anyone who experienced the shit show in Semple last year, this year has been an improvement and a good start.




Mad that we’re gone in early June despite playing well and looking like we had momentum

Squad should have a good session together and enjoy the break in the summer. They have worked really hard since November


Im also going to go out on a limb and GLADLY eat my words… gladly…

Alan Nolan has been absolutely brilliant in the championship! And kudos to him for stickin it out… i for sure as hell hope he’s a few yrs left in him !


I am so GLADY that you did that so gladly …