Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


That’s a fair and reasonable target alright!


I read today that Emmet O Conghaile has stepped away from football panel for summer. Traveling to States by all accounts. Think he was involved with under 21 Hurlers a couple of seasons ago! Would he offer anything extra to hurling panel next season if he was available?


Big if there though, we have no clue why he’s not involved this year really.


He was a pivotal player when we destroyed Kilkenny at minor one year. Great paw on him. Haven’t noticed him playing with Lucan for some time so I doubt he’d offer anything at this stage.


Saw him playing SFC v Skerries a few weeks back - he was very prominent. He must scratch his head and wonder where it all went wrong. Not easy on these lads.


Would be good to get Emmet back. Was a cracking hurler and clearly had the ability to transition to seniors before he chose to be a benchwarmer for the footballers.


Once they’re not from Vincent’s, you can speculate all you want.


Would be great to see the flow going the other direction for once if true. Would certainly have the physicality and fielding as for other skills would certainly be worth looking at.


Leinster Final and promotion to 1A for me.


I could live with that :+1:


I heard from one of the players that Darragh O Connell has not played any league games for Cuala this year, he was carrying a foot injury and is wearing a support boot up to recently. I would say he opted out of the panel because he knew he would not have recovered in time for this year, he would add a lot to current panel.


But but but … he has already been sentenced to eternal damnation here???

You mean there could be a plausible reason??


How dare you expose the truth.


Ah right so he didn’t turn down invitation to join the Dublin panel?? Not what I’ve heard.

Wasn’t injured at end of club championship when panel was selected.


Well I guess that’s why they call you the Blues …


Thanks for that, I had assumed by rest, it was for good reason other than he just didn’t fancy it. Could see where this was going early enough.


Dub09, you can believe whatever version of events you want. It’s all the same to me.


Versions of the same facts can vary. He clearly needs to rest his foot to recover from the injury. Taken literally he is resting, taken in face of the injury it seems eminently sensible. So really it should be reported that he is injured and the speculation would be over.

Not sure why we’re being kept in the dark so much about injuries, thought the communication was more open when Pat was in charge of the footballers - maybe the hurlers lower profile means there’s not as much need for weekly updates/press conferences. But knowing who is on the panel and where they are with injuries would be nice.


I think the whole trend of that conversation was bad form. We have NO CLUE what is going on in someone else’s life and NO right to expect all available players to put their lives on hold for our entertainment. We are lucky when they do.


I know Darragh’s cousin well and it is true that he has had some very niggly injuries and has been on the go for the past 3 seasons both with Cuala & county hence he needs the time off to let the injury properly recuperate. Nothing nefarious at all in his absence from the panel.