Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


The new system is very good, and Loughnan gave a very rational defense of it as you say. But I think it’s a shame Dublin have no hurling now for seven months. That is a shockingly long time for inactivity. I appreciate that if you don’t qualify you can’t go on - but I think some form of competition is better then just nothing.

Even for the players, the likes of Donal Burke played all year, gets a small injury and misses the entire summer of hurling. I do think there is scope for a secondary competition for the teams that aren’t going further, say involving the four teams that don’t qualify and the losers of the preliminary quarter finals. Sure, it’s a lesser competition and wouldn’t get a lot of attention, but it would give the lads some summer hurling.

It would also, in our case, give lads a chance that we will need next year. Cian Boland has only a tiny amount of game time but did very well. Curry and Conroy will get u21 game time, but it would be nice to see how they handle senior too. AJ Murphy has been doing well with Na Fianna and is exactly the type of player we need.

We actually have the forwards to come in and make a difference. But no one will see the best of them in January. It would be great to get a trial run with them this summer.


I know this is a mad idea…how about club games during the summer? :smiley:


AHL1 and 2 should be of a good standard this summer.


I knew someone would say that😀. But what I am proposing wouldn’t be a competition that would effect that, lads would still play club. There won’t be a club championship anyway until the footballers are finished, so this would be just a low key way of preparing for next year. Sort of a summer Walsh Cup.


Currie and AJ Murphy will need time to adapt to senior though, physically etc although at least thanks to the leaving cert he hasn’t been rushed through too quickly this year. But i think Burke will hopefully be more able physically next year.


Is the older Currie leaving cert? He is in his second year of u21 - seems old for the leaving?


No. The younger is.


What would people define as a good, or bad, 2019 League and Championship for Dublin?


Top two in 1B and getting out of the group in the championship I would consider good. That would effectively mean beating probably Waterford in the league and Wexford in the championship.


Depends on Cuala (or other Dublin champs) and the injury situation at the time. Also how Giller uses the league. i think with the footballers his first league under him was very much like this spring, but his record from there was better. I’d go with the Cody/Gavin school of thought that you try to make winning a habit, so, while we need to try out a few new lads I’d keep the team as strong as possible in between. Another 12 months physical development will do the younger players no harm.

Crucially the spirit shown in the Leinster Championship and the competition structure itself is something that should hopefully appeal to players to want to be involved in. If we can get a clean bill of health (Boland, Dillon, Burke and Schutte) back (You’ll always have a few injury concerns so we’ve actually been okay this Championship overall really), hopefully a few other involved after their breaks (Cronin was in Africa, O’Connell opted out to rest, any chance Bennett will find his hurling mojo? Danny will be better next year) and a few of those playing well for clubs and u21s brought in (Currie(s), AJ Murphy, Gannon, McGuirk, C.Burke, Conroy) - we’ll see how they go tomorrow and for the rest of the summer but lots of raw material there.

Would be pretty positive about our prospects given I think we have some real quality, especially that HB line.


Did O’Connell actually say that he opted out to rest Tayto?


sorry, not 100% sure on that, some article i read suggested he was resting/possibly travelling - would not hang him out to dry on that.


Anyone involved with Cuala since the Dublin SHC 2016 up until the All-Ireland Club final replay this year was probably due a rest - never mind being on last year’s Dublin panel too. Playing for Dublin in last year’s Championship probably left a lot of lads deflated.


My understanding is O’Connell wasn’t welcomed by X players. I think that would be closer to why he shied away this year, rather than resting.

I’m only guessing - as I don’t know O’Connell - but I don’t see him running to jump onboard next season if he doesn’t feel wanted?


that could just be the rumour mill gone into overdrive, which it tends to do.


Not sure why we would expect anything of O’Connell. He’s not a Dub. Presumably chose to play for us purely because it suited him. Don’t like it myself but don’t have an issue in principle if a player comes to live & work in Dublin, commits himself fully to Dublin and from there gets to play for Dublin.

Pretty obvious that O’Connell isn’t committed to us. Shouldn’t be let anywhere near the team again and most definitely not ahead of younger Dublin players coming through. Can head off back down to Kerry if he wants to play inter county hurling.


Ryan o’dwyer is still involved.


To be fair to ODwyer once he committed he committed. O’Connell just wasn’t arsed to play for us this year. Should be told good bye & good luck!


If O’Connell was asked and refused the that should be that. Plenty of young lads from dublin who would be happy to take his place. O’Dwyer did things right. O’Connell has burned his bridges


O’Connell Bridge?