Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Keep us updated on scores please


4 -2 to Dublin


5 -3 dublin


7-4 Dublin


1 -10 to 5 Ht.


2-11 to 6 for Dublin


2-13 to 6


2 16 to 7. Saved peno by offaly.


2 21 to 9 for dublin


Thanks for the updates dude ! :ok_hand:


Final score 2 24 to 13 points. Your welcome


Thanks Neo.


Silence = deafening. Great display today. Great turn around from last year, why so silent?


Great result today no matter our opinion of Offaly (they were utterly shite in striking and first touch) but Dublin could only play the team in front of them. We had the advantage of weeks break and the lads looked very hungry.

The Dublin HB line is the rock upon which Gilroy can build a future team, yes we need a forward or two and more from play from them but there is no comparison between 2017 and 2018. We had a plan we stuck to it and did it with hunger and effort.

If 2018 is the starting point to go forward id be happy. Improvement in skill, decision making and shot taking will come with confidence. A really big performance against Galway even if they rest players and its a nothing game would send all the right signals for 2019.

There are good hurlers in Dublin and we are on the right road.


Quite happy. Would like to have challenged for promotion to Div 1A in the league and maybe win a Quarter Final. Would also like to have reached the knock-out stages of the Championship but we were very close to winning games against either/both Kilkenny and/or Wexford which would probably have seen us advance.
Bottom line is we’re heading in the right direction and everyone associated with the team deserves credit for that. We were staring into the abyss at the end of last season.


Jury still out for me.

A lot of things are far from perfect on and off the pitch.
We’ve beaten Offaly in champo and only Antrim and Laois in the league but we are set up a lot better than previously and seem united as a group.


Which is huge, consider the starting point!


The league is a non factor. Without the Cuala lads you cannot judge the league. Considering what Gilroy faced starting out he has done remarkably well. Bodes well for next year.


I think we can safely say Gilroy was using the league to try things out at this stage.

Just great to see the fight/spirit back in dublin hurling, we’re not the finished article by any means but we’ve the foundations of a strong team there now. We’ve a really good group of young backs, getting better all the time. A bit of work to do further up the field but big improvements this year and there are some potential solutions coming through. we’ve been missing one or two with injuries which might have made a difference in the close games.

The only issue is finding a replacement for Keaney at 11, will he give it another year? Paul Ryan has been quality since slotting back into the team.

We almost don’t want a dublin club to win leinster this november, counter intuitive as that sounds.



Thought Ger Loughnane made a very good case for relegation on TSG last night, McDonagh doesn’t have to be a death sentence - it could be a decent place to rebuild and the winner come onto the liam Mccarthy later in the summer, so you can actually be hurling later into the summer then we will be this year.