Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


I think we’ll improve (injuries permitting) but probably not enough to get wins v kk or Galway. Wexford I hope will be close, but they’re a lot more settled then we are.

Top two into the final is it?


I don’t like to hear our own in the media resort to talking up a fortress Parnell. It is asking for a fall.


Yeah think so. 3rd place team plays one of the McDonagh qualifiers for chance to play losing provincial finalist.


Just saw the Sunday game preview program. Really excited about this format now. Going to be great imho. McDonagh team gets a chance to qualify so it’s not a dead end to get relegated.


It’s actually like 1B in the league. It is an easier place to progress from. Having said that, I still don’t want to experience it!


I just don’t like the phrase in general, it’s taken from other sports and is meaningless enough. But, there is no doubt that we are much much better in Parnell then anywhere else. A lot of these guys are only on their first few months of inter county conditioning and they can’t yet apply the intensity over a bigger area like Croke Pk.


The hurling pundits have no respect for Gilroy as hurling manager do I wouldn’t mind them . Michael Duignan said as much in a podcast a few months ago when he was surprised Cunningham wasn’t the main man on the line as he was the hurling one - it would irk them to bits if he was to take a major scalp or two this year. Deep down The hurling aristocrats on RTÉ ( with the exception of Daly ) also want to see Dublin as a non force . They much prefer a rejuvenated cork and wallow in their traditions


Sadly, that’s probably true. Parts of RTE sport are pure rugby but the GAA bit is largely non-Dub and has no time for us in hurling. It’s a mixture of pity and platitudes. They would find it almost impossible to day that a Dub was an exceptional hurler.


Cork hurling would’ve been rejuvenated years ago if they had’ve invested in under age structures instead of Páirc Frank…


Well said. I’d love to see anything that puts a firework up the holes of the hurling elites and the general elitist attitude of that sport. As bad as the rugger crowd in many ways.


It’s not disrespectful when it’s true though, it’s fair enough comment considering:

A) We were bet out the gate in most of our division 1b matches
B) They’re weren’t being asked for an opinion of underage hurling
C) How we performed against Wexford in the past is…amazingly…in the past. Both teams are very different beasts today.

Survival and not taking any hidings will be the goal this year.


True but it needed redevelopment, it was an awful kip. Ed shearon sold out three nights, it will generate revenue in time, for cork city and the GAA. So worth the taxpayer contribution as well.


My point was our team and county being treated with a bit of respect and regard as a serious hurling county.

Even during our recent successful period we’ve had to go a step further that the so called traditional counties. As said above some of the media commentators more than happy to dismiss Dublin hurling given half a chance.

Anyway we’ll have good idea this time next week how the season is likely to pan out.


Agree Tayto, but, how much will it be used for GAA? That’s my issue .


All true, but we haven’t helped our case either over the last three years. I have read some horrible pieces about Dublin hurling recently but I have also read some more nuanced generous pieces. RTE,with one or two exceptions, doesn’t do nuance though!

I would argue, we know nothing and the media know nothing as yet. The league was played with under half a team and I suspect very heavy training.


Dead right the realistic goal is to be competitive with Kk and Wex and see where we go. Tipperary like results would be damaging for younger lads. We’ve got to look at 2018 in terms of development in the next three years and it well maybe Pat Gilroys successor will reap the benifts rather than him.

As for hurling pundits and traditional counties view of us they never thought of us as anything then dirt on their shoe, pat them on the head and tell them they’re great boys making progress. Would never judge where we are by what cork or the likes think of us, got to build the game in dublin ourselves from the good juvenile foundations to bringing the lads through at adult level. 2018 will be a slog but that’s because we’re coming from a low starting point.


Galway bearing Wexford means Dublin now have no chance of qualifying. Even if we win our last two games we would lose out on head to head with either Kilkenny or Wexford who have to play each other

Losing to both teams in injury time was a killer


Losing both games in injury time will hopefully be a learning curve!


Yea, out of championship in early June isn’t ideal. If we’d beat either Kilkenny or Wexford we would have advanced . I think we will win today and possibly next week as Galway will make changes and may not be too Galway bothered


Reality of today is result means everything and sets the path for the next two years. Good performances against KK and Wex were encouraging if a little disappointing we didn’t get the job done. A loss today would be a massive backward step. Ib league and Joe McDonagh cup would not be the place to build a successful team from.

Today id take a poor performance and a win just for future development. Offaly have to throw everything at it. They are at a disadvantage of the dubs having a week’s rest and missing a few through suspension but I still believe they come at us in the first half to try and get a lead and hold on to it. Don’t believe Dooley is dropped on form but they may be saving him for tight finish, so far in Pats reign we haven’t developed finishers from the bench which we may need today.

Ready for the Nell now so excitement building hopefully a great day. Up the Dubs.