Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Crummy is a very good defender. Only problem I would have with him trying to man mark TJ Reid is he plays that close to the edge he risks picking up yellow cards and in this situation 2 yellows. No good to us sitting on the line. I would prefer him marshalling the rest of the defence and try Moran on TJ.


That was my thinking as well - Crummy does so much else he’s not ideal for man marking.


If we were paying specific attention to Reid, I think O Donnell is the man. Crummy is very important all round and Moran’s main attribute is on the ball. But if we win every other battle, Reid won’t win the game on his own. Although he could go close…


Reid is the difference maker up front. He can turn a close game into a hammering. I agree re o donnell but we’d be weakening the FB line significantly by pulling him out. We need the guy with the most athleticism mixed with game reading ability to be on him and to me that may well be Sean Moran. If we sacrifice Morans playmaking abilities and it means TJ is kept even reasonably quiet it will be well worth it. Crummy would foul him a lot in my view which is a score every time for TJ.

Rushed on Walsh won’t work either in my view. The days of lumping high ball into the FF at county level and hoping for the best is a lottery, can’t be a long term tactic in any game anymore I don’t think. Maybe as an impact sub last ten if we’re desperate. Rushe has the size and aerial threat on Walsh on paper but when we add the 35 inches of Walshs hurl into the high ball battle he may easily nullify any advantage rushe is perceived to have. He’s also probably the most mobile full back I can remember playing the game which also won’t bode well for rushe’s chances on him.


RTE showing the match against Kilkenny as their first live Sunday Game of the year.

Must be the first time in a long while if ever that RTE have shown a non qualifier involving Dublin Hurlers or Footballers from Parnell Park live


Rushe was like a body builder in 2012. He couldn’t move. However I thought he had already moved to 6 by then and played there in Portlaoise v Kilkenny.


He played full-forward that day and was cleaned out of it by JJ. He had bulked up too much that year IMO and was moving a lot better and freer in 2013 but from 2014 onwards I haven’t felt his mobility was as good as it once was.

Padraig Walsh has cleaned the top forwards in the country out of it in recent years, I can fully assure you that Liam Rushe will not have the impact in there that you think he will.

We are really going to struggle up front.


I fully agree with you except for the last bit. I think their backs are vulnerable if run at and not allowed to bunch. If our half-forwards can win or break ball, and if there is a decent gap between half-forwards and full-forwards, we could do damage. Two big ifs there though!


I think there is a bit too much of an assumption out there that bulking up is the cause of Rushe’s lack of mobility. He was never hugely mobile, even when he came first in the forwards. There were days when it worked for him and he powered his way, but there were lots of other days it didn’t. Also, he just doesn’t look that bulked up. He is very strong, but I don’t think he is overly muscular looking.

I actually think mobility could be trained into him. The guy, for all his many really good talents, simply cannot turn, but I suspect that is as much about how he is mechanically going about it as anything else.


Hes 27 our only double all star are people overly critical of him? Someone mentioned him getting destroyed by jj…in fairness was jj delaney ever beaten by his marker i dont think he was.


I sort of agree, as a defender he is very very good. Occasionally, forwards get the better of defenders, it has happened every player.

As a forward though, his limitations are exposed. But I can’t help thinking if those limitations could be fixed, he would be serious.

But maybe we are looking at the wrong back to convert. We have stronger backs then forwards and maybe someone else needs to be moved up the field. I have seen Crummy at midfield at club level and he was really good. Maybe he could go midfield or forward.

We have tons of options for 2 to 7 (well maybe except at 3), but only 2 of the six forwards pick themselves.


Spot on! And this is where Pat Gilroy has to earn his corn.



The hurling championship preview on Radio1 was interesting to say the least. Panel of Sheflin, Daly, Mullane and Liam Sheedy. None of them give us a snowballs chance of making the top 3 in Leinster. Referenced KK, Gal & Wex as the big 3 with Offaly and Dublin as MCDonagh Cup standard teams just making up the numbers and hoping to avoid relegation.

Besides being very disrespectful (though not surprising) this view completely ignores that we continue to be very competitive at underage, have the double AI club champions from here and decent number of players who have competed very well at top level. Also ignores fact that we haven’t had much difficulty beating Wexford in recent years. Anyways interesting how quickly the hurling cognoscenti are to completely write us off. Presumably because we’re not real hurling people - just manufactured, non wrishty hurlers :upside_down_face: I’d be motivated by that if I was Gilroy / involved in the senior setup.


John mullane thought ourselves or Offaly could trip someone up along the way.


Yeah kinda like A League 1 or 2 team knocking out a PL team in the FA Cup. He wasn’t indicating that either of us could or would be competitive.


Well, given our form so far this year, can’t say I blame them.


Yes, I can understand it, but I think they are wrong. 2 years ago, and with a crap manager, we should have beaten Galway in the championship and they are now the AI champions. I think the pundits have to go a little deeper into the analysis then just base it on recent results. I think (hope!) that we are a lot better then that. I think we will qualify…


Oh I agree, but they don’t, they just go on current form.


Yeah results not good but we’re now being totally written off as a serious hurling county.

Anyway our performances & results over coming weeks will tell where we are at. Hopefully we start to see real improvement and start to be some way competitive again.