Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


As someone that was involved with our senior management last year what I do know is he looked very good in a lot of division 1 games last year and will continue to get better


I get accused of hijacking this thread so I might start a new one for people to suggest players for next year


Why? This year has barely even got going.
Start it when the season ends


I only suggested it so we could get back to talking about this year
Now it’s my turn to agree with you for the first time


Must be love…

Anyways, genuinely, what do we deem a success against Kilkenny…
A good performance and staying within 3-5points?
A win?
Or just a solid good performance?


A repeat of the first 15 minutes against Tipperary but keeping it going to half time
Quicker reactions to opposition changes and area’s they are on top
Better use of our puck outs i.e. drop a few into midfield
More cohesion in the forwards (when the game was going against us v Tipperary some lads felt they had to do it themselves if they can stick to giving the ball to the man in better position the scoreboard will tick over
Kilkenny are a top side and are going to be on top for long periods I like to see lads step up to manage the game when Kilkenny are on top
2 or 3 of the above means we are improving and I would take that


I’d like to see TJ Reid harried off the fcuking pitch. I’d like to see the most aggressive performance since Cain and Abel went at it. We must make Parnell a nightmare for other teams. It will take one of the young lads to step up and get a couple of goals for us to win. It’s crazy and I may end up back in a padded cell…but I think we will beat them. No evidence or reason why except a hunch.


Loving the positivity…and very much in agreement with effectively all points!!

i hope we get parnell rammed to the brim!!


It certainly will be. No seats for Parnell Pass holders.


It’s VERY wishful thinking. They are rebooted and nobody in the country can stop Reid at present, his free-taking is deadly also, hitting 90%+ accuracy rates. Throw in an eager Colin Fennelly, maybe Richie Hogan, that new Richie Leahy lad, Padraig Walsh solid at full-back. We’ll really struggle to get a goal without Trollier too. If we get within 3-points I’ll be happy.


All the hallmarks of a post on a Meath football thread!!

Hope you’re hunch is right though


Being realistic! If we can give them a right old rattle and let them know they were in a game. And we manage to keep within 3 or 4 points of them one has to be happy with that! Of course a win would be icing on the cake. But as I already said Being realistic!



Liam Rushe playing full forward will be a handful & a half for even Padraig Walsh


Interesting article/ interview by Conal Keaney. He’s not back to make up the numbers, Dublin are going to win Leinster and the All-Ireland. https://extra.ie/2018/04/25/sport/gaa/dublin-star-too-far


The same was said in 2012 when Rushe went in on JJ Delaney and was cleaned out of it. Padraig Walsh is a top 3 Full-Back in the country now and Rushe was a more mobile/better player back in 2012 in my opinion so forget about it.


I agree Reid is the best in tte country, but I don’t agree they are rebooted. They won the league against half a Tipp team, that doesn’t make them unbeatable. I don’t know how we will go against them, because I don’t know how we are going, but I am relatively confident that Tipp or Galway, or Waterford even, would handle them well enough.

I would be happy enough to stay within 6 points of them, I could live being within 8 or 9, but over that it would not be good at all.

But… if we bring the type of game described by Iomaint above, and if we have a noisy Dublin crowd and if our big players are fit, we can win this. I was a bit discouraged by the league, but those recent challenge game results have given me a lot of hope. You would assume this near a championship they are not playing challenge games that don’t include a decent proportion of the championship 15.


I’d like to see us being competitive in every one-to-one battle for the whole duration of the game. I’d like us to be in with a chance of winning the game for as long as possible. If we’re within two points at any stage, we’re within one score of taking the lead.


Hard to see Richie being there. Fair play to him if he makes it.


Stick Moran on Reid? Try to disrupt the amount of ball he wins? He is the stand out, the rest are good but reid is exceptional. They’re a much more settled team then us though, so you’d have to fancy them, if anyone here can guess our starting 6 forwards they’ll be doing well.

Problem being moran, while outstanding for cuala is still adapting to county level, the alternative is Crummy i suppose.