Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Any word on Eamonn dillons fitness?


Carl Sammon


Carl Sammon didn’t start for the 21’s last year, he was a sub.
From my information he has generally been a sub for them this year but I accept that could change come championship time.


Did come on as a sub last year and from what I’ve heard will be hard to start this year as it’s a very good side but he has started more than being a sub but the lads on the senior team to come back it might be difficult


Barrog game tonight in senior B championship goes ahead I take it that means young Costello is gone from the panel if so good player but only a certain amount of spaces on the panel


Anyone have the starting 15 v limerick


All games should have gone ahead according to the official DCB rules but suppose they were only club games :wink:

In accordance with County bye-law 23.1 no team shall have to fulfil a championship fixture in the
same code in the 6 days prior to any inter-County championship fixture (10 days for All Ireland Senior
semi-final. 17 days for All Ireland Senior Final) involving a Dublin team where one or more of their
players are members of that Dublin team’s official Inter County Panel. (Exception; an adult match
may not be postponed due to the inclusion of a player on a County minor panel) In Adult / Minor
league competitions clubs shall play without their players who are on inter County duty. Exception:
Clubs shall be entitled to a postponement if one or more of its players are required on the same day on
the official panel by a Dublin Adult Inter County team for championship or National league for the
final two rounds of the league and any league play-off game.


Are there 2 players from Clontarf in the Dublin squad as i see the Inter Champ game v Cuala was called off last night.


I heard it was one player on the Senior hurling panel - Paddy Smith from Clontarf was not available, I think it is crazy when intermediate and junior matches are call off for one player who may or may not play with Dublin. The other 30-40 lads on both teams have been training and must wait another month to play the next round of championship and this game may be put off until September. I think all these games should be played and get on with it or just leave these County lads play.


They should just play. Far too much cotton wool around the whole thing. Lads want to play games. Fans want to watch games. Just play games damnit!


The only problem I have and it’s nothing to do with current management is they don’t allow lads play for there club 10 days before county championship but have a challenge game 7 days before county championship
I think they should train with the county and play the championship game for club
This has being going on for years


I think we’ve agreed on our first thing.
Having said that - there shouldn’t be a club game 10days before county anyway, and i mean that in the sense of a proper overall structured season!!


Don’t go making a habit of it


Carl sammon is nowhere good enough to be playing senior hurling for Dublin not even good enough to be playing 21s


Ok thankfully for him you were not Dublin under 21 manager last year or this
But I will pass on your well wishes to him


well said
I mean the county lads seem to pick up as many injuries in county training as they do in club matches


So u really stand by ur comment tat Carl sammon should have been givin a trail for the Dublin seniors this year


My point was there were lads at the trials that didn’t make the under 21s panel Carl made the panel but not the trials


Come on we both no it would be pointless him getting a trail he is nowhere near good enough


And I know he is good enough for Dublin 21s as for the senior team not at the moment but I can’t see into the future but I do know he does not play football this year so he can give his all to hurling and I like that