Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Remains to be seen how strong a Dublin team it was, still good scoring and apparently you’re not allowed use missing personnel as an excuse.


That’s why they didn’t make it.


Parnells have three lads from Dublin? :rofl:


Who told you it was a draw?


Bloody hell. I would have gone for Mattie Kenny all day long, but Pat Gilroy is the manager so let’s move on.

The standard in Leinster is bog average in my opinion bar Galway so we have a chance of getting out of the group. Kilkenny are a mile off where they were a couple of short years ago and I think they are going to get shown up in championship. Wexford have a history of collapsing under pressure as well so is up to us to apply that pressure.

Going on the Tipp match we have no chance but we have to trust that Gilroy has a plan.


I thought that was well known


Sounds good from a Limerick perspective! :sunglasses:


Kilkenny beat Tipperary in the league final a Tipperary side that looked very average the first 20 minutes against us but superstars for the rest of the game
So with TJ on fire Kilkenny are still a strong side and them and Galway are a bit ahead of the rest in Leinster


It was well rumoured - different thing. When there was a delay in the announcement, people put two and two together and came up with the story the vote had been tied. It wasn’t. There was one vote and Gilroy was a unanimous pick.


I think its only fair that if Kilkenny beat Dublin then St Pat should send out the entire Parnells team to face Wexford the following week. At least we will know its a team picked by a hurling man then and will show who St Pat should have had out to trials


Don’t know how Andy Shore would feel about that but as it’s such a good idea I’ll ask him and get back to you
Any more ideas like that let me know you could be St Pats eventual replacement after he wins the all Ireland next year with ideas like that you’ll have my vote


Sure couldn’t have been a draw… its written into constitution that in the event of a draw they would read a Res Dubs thread for the final casting vote… there is so much negativity here, it simply would not have been possible.


Half read TWO of your posts and already have a headache…
Does your phone battery ever run out?


Playing the man not the ball there
On threads like this I am in the minority and have no problem standing up for my opinion but smartass comments like that trying to be funny I would normally answer with a reply just as smartass but I’m not in school anymore so I’ll refrain


No Seamus Hickey or Diarmaid Byrnes either.


But that is exactly my point about making judgements without knowing if you know all the facts. Who’s to say they didn’t begin with a list of 5 or a list of 10 and whittled it down to two at the end? I am fairly sure at the start of the process they didn’t zone in immediately on the two that remained in the race until the end.

But, you have made your point, you don’t agree with the appointment. Fair enough, you looked at the options and decided you didn’t like the decision the DCC reached. I think you are making assumptions on stuff that you or I can’t know at this stage, but that aside, your point is made and I don’t think there is any point to continuously making it. When we next play a game and there is something to critique Gilroy on, fire away, but at this moment all we know is that you don’t like the appointment.


Folks, I think we need to reign in on the personal attacks here. We seem to forget at times that this is a forum, and people are giving their opinions, whether you agree with them or not it’s an opinion.

Time to look forward to Sunday week, and getting behind Dublin Hurling.


A ballymun man the voice of reason I’ve seen it all


Miracles do happen…If I can be the voice of reason, maybe Gilroy is the right man for the job…


You have no player good enough to go for trials.( Well one is good enough but he’s from Wexford)
You have no player that has started for the 21’s.