Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Dublin by three points


There is nothing not to understand. The rationale behind it has been laid out and it is not that complicated. So I think you understand it, but you don’t agree with it, which is different.

They had to make a choice, and those that made the choice were privy to the various interviews and presentations, which we weren’t. So we a) don’t know what went on in the selection process and b) as the whole project is only a few months old have completely no idea how it will go. So in effect we know nothing, so I can’t see how anyone can make any judgement based on knowing very little about the facts.

I have completely no idea how it will go. A few months into anyones reign as manager I would not have a clue as to what will happen in the future. It’s unknowable. If the championship goes bad, then there is some evidence to start having concerns about, if next years league goes bad then there is maybe room for doubt - but anything at this stage can’t be based on logic and has to be based on pre-formed opinions, which frankly carry little weight.


Your ruining all the hurling threads with all this anti pat rhetoric. Judge him come championship…lets hope its better than the league.


I second this.

Bore off with this St Pat nonsense for a few weeks, if and when we struggle I’ll avoid this thread anyway.

Hopefully whoever Dublin’s next boss is realises that you’ll win nothing without Parnells players😴


Won by four, 0.26 to 1.19. Again good strong start to first half, pissed rain right up to throw in. Ref didn’t help us either, performance versus last day out against Limerick was excellent, didn’t get bullied off the ball and stood up to some serious flaking by Limerick. When Limerick got the goal, we answered back with 3 quick points.We led at half time by 4pts, and didn’t concede the lead at all.
Introduced lot of subs in 2nd half and big plus was we didn’t take the foot off the gas, our intensity and hard tackling upped as did our pace. Again great performance across the field. Looking forward to Sunday week.


Cheers for the report, fair dues. Sounds a lot more promising than expected.

What was the starting line up and subs? Tomorrow will do!


Great stuff liamo, hopefully the season starts here. Sounds like we’re running up scores anyways.


Great stuff Liam. Who played well?


Thanks for the news. With the Waterford match this sounds encouraging. I felt that we should take Pat at his word about getting fit for the championship, and it seems to be going that way. I expect the match re KK will be fierce.
Any idea how strong Limerick were? Any interesing selections or positions for us? Is Liam Rushe fit? Any other injury concerns?


Pointless entertaining this guy. The day he said 3 Parnell’s hurlers should be in the Dublin squad was the day his opinions became invalid for me.

I’m beginning to think he’s a WUM.


Thanks for that Liam.


At some stage this year, Dublin’s involvement in this year’s SHC will come to an end. That may be in May or June or it may be in late August. If Dublin somehow managed to win the Liam McCarthy cup at this stage, I’d imagine even Pat Gilroy will look back at the year in cold light and admit he made a few errors, here or there, and see where things can be improved. It’s very easy to pick the bones off what Gilroy is or isn’t doing. But it’s most important he’s given the chance to put his stamp on things.

The year hasn’t gone great, yet, at this stage. I am not convinced that Gilroy was the right choice. But he was left with a very broken down and dilapidated house from the previous incumbent. Avoiding relegation from Div 1B was the minimum requirement in the league. Yes, we’d have liked to have seen better but at least relegation was avoided. What’s needed now is for every hurling fan in Dublin to row in behind the management and team as much as possible.


From what i’m hearing back down home Limerick were without 6-7 starters including any current U21 players in the panel.Richie English, Cian Lynch, Kyle Hayes, Tom Morrissey, Seamus Flanagan and Barry Murphy all of which started against Tipp.


Firstly you talk about a choice my view is very simple we where looking for a new hurling manager in Parnells this year so we drew up a list with 5 names spoke to them and got our first choice if we could do a list of 5 for a club manager the county board should have been able to do the same and off the top of my head
Mattie Kenny
Joe Fortune
Johnny McQuirk
Shay Boland
Eddie Brennan
Just as an example
Next the interview process where it has been hinted at here that St Pat was great and Kenny poor but the facts don’t suggest that because the vote was a draw even with John Costello backing st Pat so my issues that I don’t understand is why was it only 2 names when even I can up with 5


I hope you don’t have to avoid this thread after championship because as much as I think we picked the wrong man I have been around Dublin hurling for 30 years as a player then coach and manager and in that time the standard has gone up so much we have the potential for a great team and I will always support the team even as I said when I think we made a huge mistake with the manager’s appointment


My point to you is this is a discussion form and you will always have people that have different views and my case strongly held different views


My final reply to you I said with all the players called for trials and considering we where division 1 and senior B semi finalists last year I felt we had 3 players that could have been asked to the trials (1 starts for Dublin under 21s) and I stand by that


He may start for the 21s alright very good hurler to but nowhere near the standard for senior inter county hurling.


Well all of Waterford’s lads main men played last Friday. Take from that what you will.


A lot of lads at the trials were not county standard