Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Now this is genuine good news. This is the first decent result really all year. In the challenges we played before the league, we seemed to start well in them all and fade badly in the second half. Based on the info above, we seemed to fade a little, but not the last 20 minute wipe out of other games.

We may well have run on subs also near the end. But you would imagine this near the championship, it was a game both teams were taking very seriously


We’ve been doing that all year - i’m hoping that’s because gilroy was training the bollix off the lads (he said as much) and the high tempo game he wants us to play means they’ve been struggling to maintain that during the heavy training.


Waterford played Offaly on Wednesday night, Dublin on Friday.


Anyone know how Waterford / Offaly went


always take challenges with a pinch of salt except if you are taking bad trimmings over and over again.


Waterford won. 2-28 to 1-25. Waterford fielded a strong team. Sides level at HT.


The Waterford game must of been some rattle. I heard they picked up a fair few injuries. 3/4 players out.


did someone say we have 15 injuries? @Wifi will do his nut!


Sorry, I meant Waterford picked up injuries. Just to be clear.


We done them a favour so!
Football slows down the normal function of the brain !!


Have we come up with a forfeit for @parnellshurler if Dublin put on a show in the championship this year???


Dublin playing Limerick tonight in PP


I’ll wear a Vincent’s jersey that’s how confident I am


And for all who follow St Pat what is your forfeit when they crash and burn


Watching Dublin crash and burn is forefit enough. Should be no further penalty for getting behind the team & management, even if you have doubts/concerns! :yum:


You should be a politician (doubts and concerns)I think I have more than that
As for getting behind the team even if the cork fellow was still there I would support Dublin I just don’t understand the appointment of St Pat makes no sense


Do you think he got rid of ALL the snakes …


Parnellshurler, if we win, Pat will get the freedom of Dublin…if we lose, it will be the Trump approach…thoughts and prayers!


Any result/news on that?


Not sure at all. Just know it was being played