Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Who? If that’s true then I would be up in arms about it and it shouldn’t have happened.


Dublin’s hurlers has far more club activity than most.

If lads missed football championship then that’s a different story. But from a hurling point of view dublin did their bit far more than most counties.


check out who plays senior / inter / junior football on the current extended hurling panel and you have your answer Alan.

but Pat and John Costello do no wrong do they.

the silence of the GPA who are bought off and thr CPA who havent a fucking clue is mind boggling re the training camps and the Club month


The silence of the GPA is no surprise. As you said, they have been paid off. I see the GPA as a big part of the prob.the CPA are doing their best. Give them time.


On the contrary. If clubs wanted their players they should have had their players.


The Whitehall match was moved to Thursday so O’Donnell could do both. Who else was effected? Boden with Keaney? They’re training two weeks before a championship match. That’s allowed.


did that suit all 25 others on the whitehall panel or on the opposition ??? and the training camp was the tip of the iceberg for the past week…


Keaney was on the bench for the Boden footballers v Raheny, don’t think there was that many affected really (if any at all)


I don’t think McCaffrey does. If Sutcliffe was required by Jude’s he should have been available to them.


No player was prevented from playing football with his club. All players were released by the hurling selectors to do so.


I remember we had a football manager in our club back when the hurling was junior A and the footballers where senior he had no problem with any lad playing hurling but every week after a hurling game anyone that played hurling was dropped from the starting team for the footballers but they were all allowed play hurling if they wanted to or maybe I should say they where all released


I remember my mother telling me my tongue would turn black every time I lied.


Did it


Dunno. I never lied.


Not as if St Pat stoped any lads playing hurling when he was manager of the footballers


That has happened in many other clubs too, or at least I think it has😎. At county level, I can remember Shane Ryan playing under 21 hurling on a Wednesday and losing his corner back slot on the Dublin senior football team as a result.


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