Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Great post.

Mind you, I was watching a camogie game the other day. This one girl, she was defensively brilliant - blocks, tackles, etc… I would contend her hooks are some of the best 've ever seen.


I’ll get my coat🤣


Christ they even removed the tender hooks reference … :clap::clap::clap:


The worst of the lot (mine) survived the cull.


Who was cut and who remains…any idea?


Any team from last night?


They seemed to have been on a training camp in Carton House this weekend also.


Seán O’Riaíns of Setanta gone, he is only 22 this year, so has plenty of time. We have only had him a few times in the last 2 years, warming the bench for the 21s last year and training with the seniors left him with no game time and it suffered.


Good hurler. Hope he sticks at it, works hard and he’ll be back no doubt.


Sean is a savage hurler with a serious hand for catching ball. He will be back playing for Dublin before long.


I know it may be judged on training but he didn’t get enough game time for me
He is a top quality player


Apples will beat or draw with Kk. How d’yis like them Dublin?


They won’t fall far from the tree anyway. I don’t need to get my coat I didn’t bring one


Any reports from the Waterford game the other night?


Will never understand as a senior panellist how he didn’t make that 21s team. Not even as a sub. Was excellent for the 21s in 2015/16.


Seán was outstanding in the Senior Championship game against Crumlin last Saturday.


Wonder how the 3 day camp over the weekend APRIL 27th to 29th went for the Dublin senior hurlers… hearing stores that no panel being named is due to c 15 of those training carrying injuries…

yeah April is club month i thought also


Was any club activity affected?

This is getting really tiresome.


Yes. Those hurlers couldn’t play club football championship.

This time last year that would have had you up in arms.


why is it getting tiresome…you are a great man for rules being abided to , CCC decisions cant be overturned etc.

your clubman, the new public face of Hurling in Dublin and the weekend in carton House obviously endorsed and paid for by the Co Board led by John Costello said F, OFF to thew rule book and Croke park.

your double standards are absolutely amazing…

Kerry hurlers, wicklow footballers and many opther counties equally guilty but if the high profile dont lead by example then nobody else will abide